LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Puppy’s fiance Eric’s meth case delayed due to surgery, plus divorce update

Life After Lockup Puppy Eric and his wife Heather

We have some additional updates on Life After Lockup star Michelle “Puppy” Deaton’s fiance, Eric. In addition to new information on his and his wife Heather’s pending meth possession charges, we also have an update on their divorce.

We will start with the divorce, since that is a topic addressed on the show. As we previously reported, Eric’s wife Heather filed for divorce in late February and the case was officially opened on March 2. The divorce drew out for months due to the fact that Heather was unable to serve Eric the papers.

Heather would later clarify that she knew where Eric was during that time, and she had constant contact with him, but he didn’t want the divorce and managed to dodge being served.

As a result of not being able to serve Eric, Heather filed a “service by publication” on July 8. That essentially means that Heather announced the divorce filing publicly in lieu of serving the documents to Eric. Heather later spoke with Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz and confirmed that she tried multiple times to have Eric served with the divorce papers.

“Eric was never served,” Heather said. “I paid two counties and private processor he avoided all of them. I put it in the paper and he seen it and called me mad and now waiting for it to be done.” Heather offered up the reason why Eric was literally trying to avoid getting divorced. “He doesn’t want a divorce. He loves me.”

Heather posted online last weekend that Eric was no longer her husband. There was a final hearing scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, but there was no final decree entered on the court’s website. I spoke with a court clerk on September 27 and was told, “At this time this office has no final decree.”

On September 28, an attorney filed an entry of appearance on behalf of Eric. So, it seems Eric has gotten himself a divorce attorney and the case is ongoing.

Eric and Heather’s meth charges

Just like their divorce, Eric and Heather’s meth possession case is also dragging out. As we were the first to report, Eric and Heather were arrested back in March of 2018 after police arrived at their home to serve a warrant on another individual that was present.

Eric’s wife tested positive for both methamphetamine and marijuana before leading agents to where she and Eric hid their controlled substances. Police found marijuana, oxycodone, methamphetamine, a digital weighing scale, multiple plastic bags, and $6,110 in cash. In addition to seizing the cash, police also seized a 2008 Ford vehicle.

Online records listed hearings scheduled for September 17 (which was a Saturday?) and also September 19. However, Eric’s attorney filed for a continuance on September 8. The motion reveals that Eric was “under the care of a physician” at the time for a blood disease. “He is scheduled for a surgery on September 14, 2022 with a follow up appointment on September 19, 2022.”

The attorney added that Eric “will not be able to walk due to his surgery for a minimum of two weeks, longer if medical professionals deem his infection to be more serious.”

Eric mentioned on the show that part of his strong bond with his wife Heather was the fact that she stood by him when he was very sick during her pregnancy. Heather confirmed that in her conversations with Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz. “When we got together, he spent 247 days in a hospital while I was pregnant sleeping right there with him.”

Heather said that she still handles Eric’s appointments and medication refills. She also revealed that Eric is on her insurance and that she’s the one he calls with any medical issues. “I became a CNA just to take care of him,” Heather said, “and I would never forgive myself if something happened to him and I knew I could help.”

The meth possession case now has a calendar call scheduled for December 5.

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