LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Jeff Wombles released from jail. Is he with Anissa?

Love After Lockup Jeff Wombles Gucci

It’s time to purchase stock in Gucci and Amazon! Love After Lockup star Jeffrey Wombles is a free man once again!

Jeff found himself back in jail in November of last year. At the time, it was unclear why he was booked. Anissa has since revealed that Jeff was jailed after failing a drug screen as part of his parole.

According to jail records, Jeff was released earlier today. The release was confirmed by Jeff himself, who took to Facebook to share the good news. “GUESS WHOS BACK,” he wrote moments ago, adding “LOL.”

Jeff also changed his relationship status to “in a relationship” with a woman named Davina Jacobs. That update seems to contradict statements made by Anissa late last year. “We both made mistakes and are working on it,” she said of their relationship on Facebook in December.

In case you missed it, Jeff and Anissa had a VERY acrimonious break up late last year. From our post about Jeff’s arrest:

Jeff’s current incarceration comes a little more than a week after he posted some rather startling allegations about his on-screen boo Anissa. “WHILE I WAS [AT] WORK ANISSA HAS BEEN HAVING A THREESOME WITH [MY] BROTHER ED AND HIS WIFE,” Jeff wrote. Visit the link for the rest of what Jeff had to say, including his interactions with commenters and his woo pitching attempt towards his Love After Lockup co-star Rachel.

It’s unclear if Jeff and Anissa’s split (and Jeff’s re-incarceration) will be featured on an upcoming season of Life after Lockup. Reliable behind-the-scenes YouTuber Sarah Howes from RealiTeaSquad has a source that says Jeff and Anissa are filming, but Jeff recently suggested that he quit the show.

“I gave the show up and moved from my house to a room cause they didn’t want them there and after I moved three days after they tell me,” Jeff wrote on Facebook on November 9.

Are Jeff And Anissa Back together?

Anissa shared a Facebook post on December 19 asking that people write to Jeff in jail and wish him a merry Christmas. The post included his address.

The post elicited numerous comments, and Anissa responded to a lot of them. It was in these exchanges that she revealed why Jeff was arrested and that the two of them were working on their relationship. Here are some of the comments with Anissa’s responses:
COMMENT: He ran off with someone else. Why would you want anyone to wish him happy anything!?

COMMENT: Because it’s her life and her choices to make, we don’t know what actually happened, only her and him and maybe whoever else was involved REALLY know, right or wrong it’s her life to do with what she will🤷🏻‍♀️
ANISSA: Thank you and You are correct.
ANISSA: We both had a part in that.

COMMENT: Wish you the best but don’t fool yourself with him. He’s in jail and he’s lonely. When he gets out he’ll be right back to doing the same thing. Merry Christmas 🎄

COMMENT: She ain’t hearing none of it! Thinks cuz he’s in jail he can’t cheat and all of a sudden he Mr perfect. Just wait till he gets out. Ain’t gonna say I told you so either! SMH 🙄

ANISSA: I in no way think he has turned into Mr. Perfect and if he wants to cheat he will do it in or out of jail. He still has access to a phone. I just chose to believe he wants a life with me and that makes both of us happy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

COMMENT: Girl please don’t take everything I said seriously I’m just saying it out of love from my heart because in the show you are my number one favorite and I know you got the kindest heart out there and when I seen it he broke your heart and I heard he was with somebody else in that short amount of time right after you broke up the first time it just made me hurt for you so what I said earlier I’m just trying to say that you deserve better and I know when he’s in jail it seems like you guys get closer because you talk and you write each other but actions speak louder than words and I just don’t want you to forget that girl that’s all and I do hope you have a very merry Christmas! 💗🙏
ANISSA: Thank you for the love and kind words. I hope you have Great Holidays too.

COMMENT: Hopefully you are doing okay Anissa.
ANISSA: I am doing very well thank u.

COMMENT: How much time did he get?
ANISSA: He got 5 months.

COMMENT: Prayers for him and you. Are you all back together?
ANISSA: We are working on it. Thank you

COMMENT: What happened!?
ANISSA: Failed a drug screening

COMMENT: Anissa! But what about when Jeff said those horrible things about you all over Facebook. I liked him until that happened. You don’t deserve that.
ANISSA: I didn’t deserve that but I had hurt him and he wanted to hurt me back. He has expressed how sorry he is over and over.

COMMENT: That is great news, thank you for responding. I did not believe it for one second. Merry Christmas and I hope your new year is full of blessings.🙏
ANISSA: Thank you and I hope your is as well.

COMMENT: He’s back? What happened, I thought he was doing good.
ANISSA: He is and was doing good. He’ll be on the right track as soon as this is over.

COMMENT: That’s good, I wish u both the best. Merry Christmas!

COMMENT: I’m glad you guys were able to work things out. We have all made mistakes. And as long as you 2 are happy that is all that matters.
ANISSA: Thank you. We both made mistakes and are working on it.

It remains unclear if the alleged Jeff and Anissa reconciliation means the couple will resume filming for Life After Lockup.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s Facebook boo Davina shared some photos of Jeff in jail on January 17.

A commenter asked if Davina was Jeff’s girlfriend. “Well I am a girl and a friend,” Davina replied, adding a string of laughing face emoji. “He doing him, and I’m doing me. But March will be here soon.”

I have updated the Starcasm Love After Lockup Season 5 Inmate Recidivism Chart to reflect Jeff’s release. Tap the link to find out the current incarceration status of Jeff’s Season 5 co-stars — including Tia!

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