LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Are Tiffany and Kayla actually friends, just beefing for TV?

Life After Lockup Kevin Tiffany and Kayla

Week after week, viewers of Life After Lockup watch Kevin Hale have Tiffany Bolton and Kayla Miller fight over him. Tiffany recently battled it out with Kevin over panties she found in his bedroom that were not hers, and Kayla fights with Kevin seemingly every time they are together over the status of their relationship.

Kevin seems to have some sort of spell over these women. He has even suggested that they form a friendship and perhaps have a three-some relationship. Kayla, though, in the latest episode was not too happy with the couple and showed her stalker side a bit by following Kevin and Tiffany all over town.

Is all of this just “made for television drama?” A few months ago, YouTube channel Kiki and Kibbitz posted a video with some interesting screenshots from a now deleted TikTok video that Kayla previously posted.

Interestingly enough, as seen in these next photos from Facebook provided by YouTube channel According to Amber, it seems like Kayla has even met ***SPOILER ALERT*** Tiffany’s new boyfriend, Thomas Yates:

With all of this friendly activity off-screen, one has to wonder if what we are seeing on-screen is just “made-for television” drama. Or perhaps the ladies just bonded over their similar experiences being under Kevin’s spell?

UPDATE – Kayla responded to our Instagram post promoting this article with some clarification. “We were never friends before the show aired,” Kayla wrote in the comments. “I’ll just leave it at that, it’s not fake. I wish it was.” Want to join in on the conversation? Just hop on over to Instagram using the link above!

Stay tuned for all the continuing drama between Kevin, Tiffany and Kayla on Friday nights on Life After Lockup on WE Tv.

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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