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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Did Maurice marry Mandy? He says he sold drugs in prison & sent money to Jessica

The messy break up between Love After Lockup couple Jessica Gipson and Maurice Gipson continues to play out on social media. In the latest developments, Maurice and his new Cali boo Mandy suggest that they are married — complete with a wedding photo. Plus, Jessica says Maurice is a deadbeat dad and Maurice responds by claiming that he actually supported Jessica financially while he was incarcerated by selling drugs in prison.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP James Cristia reacts to Alla Subbotina’s passing

We shared the sad news earlier this week that Love After Lockup Season 1 star Alla Subbotina passed away on August 7 at the age of 31. Alla’s on-screen love interest, James Cristia, has since expressed his grief over Alla’s tragic death with a couple of posts shared on Facebook. Read James’ posts and see a collection of photos of Alla that show a different side of her than what viewers saw on screen.


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Jeff Wombles starts GoFundMe for his teeth

On the most recent episode of Love After Lockup, recently released felon Jeff Wombles reveals to the WE tv cameras what his post-incarceration goals are. “My plan is to get my job,” he begins. “I’m gonna save every penny and I’m gonna go get my teeth done. I want to get a motorsickle. And I want to get me some Gucci pants.”

When attempting to achieve multiple goals, it’s often best to approach them one at a time — and that exactly what Jeff appears to be doing. As evidenced from his posts on social media, he has himself a job. That’s Step One. Step Two? His teeth!


Love After Lockup Nicolle and boyfriend Zakk relationship timeline, photos, more

On tonight’s episode of Love After Lockup, viewers (and Daonte) get to meet Nicolle’s ex boyfriend Zakk for the first time. Something tells me Zakk is going to be the talk of the Love After Lockupiverse this weekend, so I thought I would put together a little profile post on him for those wanting to get to know Zakk a little better.


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Maurice leaves Jessica for woman in California

The relationship success rate for Love After Lockup couples has taken another hit as Maurice Gipson has left his wife, Jessica Gipson, for a new woman in California named Mandy. Maurice was in California serving parole after being arrested there earlier this year. He was waiting for his parole to be transferred to Nevada again when he met his new boo.

VIDEO Life After Lockup returns Aug 27 with Daonte, Stan, Britney and more!

WE tv has just officially announced a brand new season of their popular Love After Lockup spin-off series Life After Lockup! Season 3 will feature a whopping EIGHT COUPLES, including three couples from the current season of Love After Lockup. Keep reading to watch the dramatic preview trailer and read blurbs from the network on what to expect from each couple/trio/quartet!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Angela says Tony took $4k and her car, is now in Idaho

The Grenada, Mississippi prostitution industry has just taken a major hit as Love After Lockup Lothario Tony has reportedly taken his wife Angela’s money and car and is now making it rain on the ladies of the night in Idaho! Keep reading to watch a video of Angela setting fire to Tony’s photo collection and get a full recap of what happened straight from Angela — including allegations of Tony stealing her car and $4,000 before running off to Idaho!