LOVE AFTER LOCKUP John Miller engaged again to new boo Crystal

Love After Lockup John Miller engaged again to fiancée Crystal

Bonnie and Clyde, Shmonnie and Clyde! Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup serial proposer John Miller is engaged again — just 2 months after the divorce from his most recent ride-or-die ex, Kristianna Roth, was finalized.

John made the engagement announcement with a simple photo of himself with his new boo, Crystal Elaine, sporting a diamond ring on her left ring finger. (The original photo was flipped by the camera, so I reversed it to avoid any confusion.) Both John and Crystal shared the photo on Facebook, but neither provided a caption. John did change his relationship status to “engaged” though.

In case you missed it, John and Crystal went public with their relationship just two days after John filed for divorce from Kristianna on March 9. Kristianna was arrested and went back to jail on March 29. She is now listed as being on work release.

John and Kristianna’s divorce didn’t take very long, and was finalized on May 27.

If John and Crystal manage to walk down the aisle walk up to the pickup bed together, it will reportedly be the fifth time for John. He stated on Love After Lockup that he was married four times before Kristianna, and he openly admitted that he couldn’t remember how many times he had been engaged.

John Responds To The Haters

The couple’s engagement announcement elicited some responses that John was not very happy with. There were show fans expressing their disappointment in John for dumping Kristianna, and there were others who continued to claim that John and Crystal look alike.

John responded to both at length in a very frustrated Facebook on Monday. Unfortunately, John was so frustrated he forgot to use an punctuation. Below is what he wrote with some periods and commas thrown in for readability:

This is an amazing time in my life and I’m tired of all the comments about us looking alike and being twins. She was a very beautiful woman and I’ve never felt such a strong connection with another human being in my life.

My life with my ex-wife was doomed from the beginning. She cheated, she lied, she used, she [had] Dhs called on my kids because of her drug use. It was a very toxic situation and I did nothing but try and help.

Crystal Elaine is the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. She does not deserve any hate, and that will definitely not be tolerated on this page. I will block anybody that is disrespectful to this amazing woman or to our relationship. If you have to be so miserable as to just throw hate on people trying to live their lives then so be it. But, you will not do it on our dime.

I am currently not on the show and I’m trying to live a quiet life and do the normal things that people do and enjoy the time with this wonderful woman and my children. For all of you out there that support me and my family, I really appreciate that. And for all of you that just want to be negative and spew hateand disrespect, I will block you from this page.

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