LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Puppy’s fiance Eric divorce and meth arrest updates

Life After Lockup Puppy's fiance Eric divorce update

As we were the first to report, Life After Lockup star Puppy is dating a married man. Eric is married to a woman named Heather and they share an unenviable bond: being arrested for meth possession together.

From our previous post:

According to court records, law enforcement agents of the Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force, along with officers of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, served an arrest warrant and made field contact with probationers at Eric’s home on March 1, 2018. Eric and his wife were the two probationers being contacted. The arrest warrant was being served on another man who was present at the house.

Eric’s wife tested positive for both methamphetamine and marijuana before leading agents to where she and Eric hid their controlled substances. Police found marijuana, oxycodone, methamphetamine, a digital weighing scale, multiple plastic bags, and $6,110 in cash. In addition to seizing the cash, police also seized a 2008 Ford vehicle.

The case is still open with September 17 being the next scheduled court date.

UPDATE – Eric’s attorney filed for a continuance on September 8 due to Eric’s pending surgery.

Eric And Heather Divorce Update

It may be that Puppy has won the Eric prize because Heather filed for divorce earlier this year! The papers were officially filed by the clerk on March 2. They reveal that Heather and Eric were married on July 4, 2014, which means they have been married for more than eight years.

I don’t use the past tense when doing the math because Heather and Eric are still married. It seems Heather is similar to Puppy in that she has no idea where Eric is. She has been unable to serve Eric the divorce papers, despite numerous tries — and despite the fact that Eric is currently appearing on a nationally televised television show.

UPDATE – Heather commented on our Instagram post to clarify that she knew where Eric was (on a daily basis) but he simply didn’t want to sign the papers. “Make sure you get your facts right,” Heather wrote. “HE WONT SIGN PAPERS IVE FOUND HIM I SEE MORE THAN ID LIKE I TALK TO HIM DAILY HE DONT WANT TO DIVORCE ME.”

As a result of not being able to serve Eric, Heather filed a “service by publication” on July 8. That essentially means that Heather is announcing the divorce filing in lieu of serving the documents to Eric. I assume this will free up Heather to proceed with finalizing the divorce.

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