LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey’s friend Blaine Bailey arrested for meth in 2020 after falling asleep on the sidewalk

Life After Lockup Lindsey's friend Blaine Bailey

Lindsey Downs’ friend Blaine Bailey won over Life After Lockup fans in an emotional scene in which he tried to convince Lindsey to stay focused on her daughter instead of worrying about bailing their mutual friend, TC, out of jail. Lindsey previously mentioned that Blaine used to sell drugs for her, and it’s clear from what he says on screen that Blaine has had his own legal problems in the past.

Actually, Blaine’s legal problems aren’t very far in the past at all. In October of 2020, Tishomingo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call reporting a man who had fallen asleep on Main Street in front of a business.

“When deputies arrived on scene, the individual appeared to be sleeping,” a press release from the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Department reads. “Deputies awoke the individual and a pat-down for weapons yielded some alleged methamphetamine and numerous prescribed narcotics.”

Things got even worse for Blaine. “Deputies then learned that this particular individual had an alias capias [aka bench warrant] with the Tishomingo County Circuit Clerks Office to be picked up and held without bond. Deputies then transported the individual to the Tishomingo County Jail.”

The warrant stemmed from a previous felony drug indictment. Blaine was booked and charged with possession of meth and possession of hydrocodone.

In Blaine’s mug shot photo (seen above) you can clearly see that he has a rather sizable black eye. That was not mentioned in the press release.

The Tishomingo County Court website is temporarily offline “due to a recent rule change by the Mississippi Supreme Court.” As a result, I have been unable to get any additional information on the charges against Blaine, or the current status of the case.

VINE lists Blaine’s current status as “supervised custody” and “probation/parole.” The “custody status date” is listed as October 28, 2016, so I assume that Blaine is still on probation/parole from a previous conviction. Either way, kudos to Blaine for managing to hold onto Lindsey’s cash while she was incarcerated when he was dealing with his own legal issues!

What’s interesting is that Lindsey was apparently able to stay with Blaine despite him being a convicted felon who looks to still be on probation/parole. Perhaps that issue will play out on this season of Life After Lockup? 🤔 Stay tuned!

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