LIFE AFTER LOCKUP ‘Puppy’ Michelle Deaton reveals she is pregnant with Eric’s baby

Life After Lockup Michelle Deaton Puppy pregnant

On Friday night’s episode of Life After Lockup, Michelle “Puppy” Deaton dropped a deuce AND a bombshell as she filmed a scene in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test that came back positive.

Puppy’s gal pal Amber Eggers laughs out loud when the plus sign shows on the test, indicating Puppy was pregnant. The mom-to-be is not amused. “This is not good,” Puppy says as she remains seated on the toilet. “I do not want to be pregnant.”
Puppy starts to sweat and seems to be on the verge of a panic attack as she fans air on her face with her hands. The two former prison bunkies have a laugh when Puppy asks Amber if she will wipe her butt, but things quickly go back to being serious.

“What am I gonna do?!” Puppy asks as she covers her face with her hands.
Amber points out that the first step Puppy should take is to tell her fiance Eric that he has a baby on the way. Puppy doesn’t seem to think that’s a great idea. “He’s probably not gonna be, like, happy about it,” she says.
Amber takes the opportunity to lecture a bit. “All this crazy s**t that’s going on, birth control should have been step one.”
“Yeah, well, it hasn’t been being a problem, so…” Puppy replies.
“Until now, when it’s a ****ing problem, you know what I mean?” Amber asks.

Puppy seems completely overwhelmed as she repeats the fact that she doesn’t know what to do.

“I’m not sure Eric’s the right guy for Puppy to have a baby with,” Amber tells the camera in her confessional. “I mean, I know that she loves him. She must love him to deal with all of the s**t that goes on on a constant basis. But, I don’t trust Eric. Like, I don’t think he’s gonna be there for her.”

Puppy Pregnancy Update?

Neither Puppy, Amber or Eric have shared any additional information about the pregnancy online since the episode aired, so we don’t know any more than what was shown on screen. If they do post anything, we will be sure to update this article.

However, we do know more about Eric’s situation. As we previously reported, Eric’s wife Heather filed for divorce in March. The divorce has been delayed because she has been unable to locate Eric to serve him the papers. From our previous article:

[Heather] has been unable to serve Eric the divorce papers, despite numerous tries — and despite the fact that Eric is currently appearing on a nationally televised television show.

As a result of not being able to serve Eric, Heather had to filed a “service by publication” on July 8. That essentially means that Heather is announcing the divorce filing in lieu of serving the documents to Eric. I assume this will free up Heather to proceed with finalizing the divorce.

Meanwhile, Eric has a court date scheduled for September 17 stemming from his 2018 meth arrest. He and his wife Heather were both arrested after cops served a warrant for someone else living at their address.

Eric’s wife tested positive for both methamphetamine and marijuana before leading agents to where she and Eric hid their controlled substances. Police found marijuana, oxycodone, methamphetamine, a digital weighing scale, multiple plastic bags, and $6,110 in cash. In addition to seizing the cash, police also seized a 2008 Ford vehicle.

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