LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Why does Lindsey have warrants out for her arrest?

Life After Lockup Why does Lindsey have warrants out for her arrest?

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Lindsey Downs is out of prison once again, but she could easily be headed right back in. Lindsey reveals on the show that she has outstanding warrants for her arrest, and she hasn’t told Daonte about them yet.

How is it possible that Lindsey has warrants out for her arrest when she was just released from prison? The most logical answer can be found in Part One of our three-part prison interview with Lindsey.

In Part One, Lindsey recapped all of her legal issues after her prior release featured on Love After Lockup. The recap included her arrest for malicious mischief after she famously carved profanity into ex Scott Bradshaw’s desk.

“A few days after I had moved out, Scott called and made a police report on the damages done to the house,” Lindsey explained. “He claimed I had damaged the desk, laptop, coffee pot, printer, and Xbox. As viewers can attest to after viewing the show, I didn’t touch the printer or Xbox, but Scott had to get the cost of damages up to a specific amount for the charge to be considered a felony.”

Scott’s ploy worked and Lindsey was later arrested for felony malicious mischief in Desoto County in June of 2020. Lindsey posted her $500 bond and was released. However, Lindsey claimed there was some sort of error that resulted in an invalid warrant for her arrest.

“Almost a month later, on July 8th, I was arrested again in Alcorn County on the same charge that I was already out on bond for,” Lindsey said. “I was told afterwards it was an invalid warrant and I shouldn’t have been picked up.”

Lindsey Arrested With Meth And A Gun

Unfortunately for Lindsey, the “invalid warrant” resulted in additional charges after police found meth and a gun in her car. Well, not actually her car because Lindsey says she was test driving a 2017 BMW at the time.

“I had picked up the car from Global Auto and was supposed to either return the car or buy the car within 24 hours,” Lindsey explained. She added that she was waiting for a coronavirus test at a doctor’s office in Corinth, Mississippi when police caught up with her on the warrant. Her attorney later informed Lindsey that police found a 9mm pistol and “around 20 grams of methamphetamine” in the locked glove box of the car.

From Lindsey:

The car was a push to start so I had the key fob that was needed to start and drive the car. I later found out I didn’t have the attachment to the fob (that is a physical key) in my possession, which is what would have been needed to open the glove box. I hadn’t even tried to open it. It never crossed my mind. The problem is I had people in and out of the car all morning and had at one point let someone actually borrow the car to make a run to McDonalds while I was in the shower.

As a result of what the police claim to have found, Lindsey added firearm possession and meth possession to her list of pending charges.

Lindsey was found guilty of a probation violation stemming from the malicious mischief charge by a Mississippi District Court judge on December 17. She was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison. That was the sentence she was serving when she was released for the current season of Life After Lockup.

So what happened with the firearm and meth possession charges? “I have not been indicted for any of the new charges,” Lindsey revealed to us early last year. “That is a big deal because if I never get indicted then I will never have to worry about facing a judge or jury on them. If I am indicted, I will have to go deal with those charges after I am released from federal prison next year.”

I assume that it is those pending charges that have somehow resulted in an outstanding warrant(s) for Lindsey’s arrest. Perhaps she had a failure to appear due to being in prison? Regardless, I would have to assume that Lindsey is planning to take care of the warrants somehow. It remains unclear if she will be indicted for the firearm and/or meth possession charges. I assume she will reveal more information soon on Life After Lockup.

UPDATE – Lindsey seemed to confirm this theory on Twitter:

Lindsey Downs is 1-Year Sober

On a positive note, Lindsey just revealed on Instagram that she is one year sober! Here is the Instagram gallery, which includes her daughter Mylie Grace, followed by Lindsey’s announcement:


“I’ve never managed soberity for this long since the first time I used. This is a huge milestone for me and I’m able to give a sigh of relief that I’ve reached this goal. One year is a major feat and I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF to have gone 365 days without ANY drugs!

“I am extremely thankful for my support from my church and all the exhausted therapists and group members that have helped me get to this point. A HUGE THANKS to my mom and Mylie Grace who have never given up on me no matter how many times I screwed up. And, of course, to the many others who have gone to meetings with me, answered phone calls no matter what, and reminded me I could do this even when I was doubting myself… you know who you are.

“To those who are in recovery or even considering recovery- I can honestly say it’s not always been easy, but I PROMISE IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT!”

Congratulations Lindsey!

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