LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Why does Shawn owe Destinie money? How can she leave CA while on parole?

Life After Lockup Why does Destinie think Shawn owes her money?

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Destinie Folsom is threatening to crash her ex Shawn Osborne’s wedding to Sara Isaac. “That mother****er owes me money!” pregnant Destinie explains to her gal pal while shopping for baby items. “He better be paying me before he tries to go pay for this b*tch’s wedding!”

Given that Destine and Shawn broke up more than a year and a half ago, what in the world does he owe her money for? Destinie offers up her explanation to her friend during the shopping scene.

The first thing to make clear is that Destinie’s baby is not Shawn’s, so she’s not looking for child support. The baby’s father is Destinie’s estranged husband Jason, whom Destinie married just before heading back to prison in November of 2020.

“I was released a few months ago, and Jason and I split up,” Destinie explains on the show. It seems obvious that Destinie got pregnant soon after being released because she is already showing in the shopping scene.

Destinie’s gal pal Angela asks what her plans are financially, especially with a baby on the way and the child’s father out of the picture. “I have been thinking about it, you know?” Destinie replies. “Like, I’ve been thinking, ‘What am I going to do? Am I going to go, you know, back to work? Is Jason going to help me?’ Like, I know Shawn’s gonna give me my money.”

A little later in the episode, Destinie explains why she thinks Shawn owes her money during a confessional with producers. “I feel like Shawn owes me because he promised me a $10,000 wedding ring,” she says. “He didn’t give me sh*t. He had my car repo-ed from me that I paid half for. And he should definitely have to pay me for even sticking around as long as I did.”

Here’s the scene:

Let’s break that down one at a time, shall we?

1. Shawn owes Destinie money because he promised her a $10,000 wedding ring. OK, this one is pretty absurd. She wants money for a wedding ring that Shawn promised her even though they are no longer together and never got married? 😂 Shawn’s just lucky he didn’t promise her the moon!

2. Shawn had Destinie’s car repossessed. In the scene in which Shawn is taking the car back, he reveals that he was making the payments on it. “This car is in my name. I pay for it. What did she think was going to happen? I was just going to let her keep the car?” Shawn explains. “Of course I’m going to take the car back, it’s mine.”

There is a moment when Destinie tells Shawn that if he’s going to take the car that he should give her her money back. The scene was heated, and Destinie seemed sincere, so I’m guessing she did put some money into the purchase of the car. If that’s the case, an argument could be made that she was entitled to at least some compensation.

Destinie Folsom angry

3. Shawn owes Destinie money because she stayed with him as long as she did. It sounds almost as though Destinie is admitting to being a paid escort — potentially even a prostitute if they had sex during the time that she wants to charge Shawn for?
I could see this third argument making a little bit of legal sense if WE tv is unable to pay the ex-cons for being on the show (which has been speculated). If Destinie pretended to stay with Shawn in order to appear on another season with an understanding that she would get part of his paycheck, then I could understand her feeling entitled to some money “for even sticking around as long as I did.” Otherwise, the claim seems laughable.

Destinie says Shawn owes her $50,000

UPDATE! In a new preview from the upcoming episode of Life After Lockup (included below), Destinie adds another reason that Shawn owes her money, and it’s the biggest whopper of them all!

“Let’s just say Shawn owes me at least twenty-five grand for the car that he promised me,” Destinie says as she drives. “Then he owes me for all the clothes I left behind. And you know, what about the ten thousand dollar ring that he promised me that I picked out?”

Destinie then does some quick sucker math in her head tallying up all of Shawn’s debts. “I feel like he at least owes me about fifty thousand dollars.”

Destinie references the fact that Shawn was worried when he posted her $50,000 bond during their initial appearance on Love After Lockup. “Well guess what? Now you owe me fifty thousand dollars,” she says, addressing Shawn. “You’re out on bond — my bond b*tch.

At the end of the preview clip, Destinie literally threatens to kill Shawn if he doesn’t pay up. She also explains why she waited a few months before trying to get her money back. “All this time I wasn’t really worried about the money because I had Jason,” she reveals. “But now, I got a baby on the way and I’m ready to get my money back. And he’s gonna have to come up with it. Period. Or he’s not gonna be a married man, he’s gonna be a dead man.”

Here’s the video preview, which also includes another of Sean’s exes planning to crash the wedding. Kelly, who is the mother of Shawn’s first six children (that we know of), is traveling to Ohio with three of their children to attend the wedding.

Unlike Destinie, Kelly has VERY good reasons to demand money from Shawn, who reportedly owes her quite a bit in child support. It’s unknown if Shawn ever promised Kelly a ring, or car, or anything else that might also be on his tab according to Destinieconomics.

Can Destinie Legally Travel To Ohio?

Destinie continues to talk about traveling from California to Ohio to crash Shawn’s wedding with Sara, but is that even a possibility given that she is currently on parole? And remember, she has a history of skipping out!

There are situations where people on parole are allowed to travel out of state. The only one that seems viable in this particular case is the caveat that will allow some parolees to travel for work. If Destinie is getting paid to be on this season, it would definitely be a work-related trip!

Does Destinie end up crashing Shawn’s wedding? I haven’t seen any indication that Destinie pulled a Daonte and crashed Shawn and Sara’s nuptials. Of course, I haven’t seen any proof that she didn’t either! To find out, we’ll all have to keep tuning in for new episodes of Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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