Which Love After Lockup couples are still together? Complete list!

Love After Lockup couples still together list

We have been pretty diligent at keeping up with which inmates from Love After Lockup have been arrested again. (Click here to see charts for each season.) But, this franchise is not only about lockup, it’s also about love! So, we’ve put together a complete list of which couples from Love After Lockup and Love During Lockup have beaten the odds and are still together.

We will break the list down by season, and I feel it’s important to point out once again that we break the Love After Lockup seasons down by distinct cast turnover. WE tv combines seasons despite introducing all new couples, which can be very confusing. You can click here for an explanation that includes a list of seasons with all the couples.

We will start with Love After Lockup, and we will conclude with Love During Lockup. Just like we do with the recidivism charts, we aspire to continue to update this post as new cast members are introduced, and couples break up.

UPDATE – After sharing this article online, we had a lot of questions about the current Life After Lockup couples who are not included on this list. We put together a full list of the entire Life After Lockup Season 4 cast here, with updates on all of their relationships statuses — good or bad.



Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar
Andrea and Lamar

The first season of Love After Lockup did relatively well as far as long term love goes. 33% (2 out of 6) of the OG couples are still together, apparently including everyone’s favorite felon-dating black female Mormon Andrea and her convict hubby, Lamar Jackson.

I say “apparently” because the couple is surprisingly a bit stingy with relationship updates on social media, despite being willing to appear on multiple Lockup seasons. I will continue to include them in this “still together” post until I get reliable information to the contrary.

UPDATE – Andrea and Lamar are still together, even though they are no longer together! What do I mean? In March of 2023, Andrea revealed that Lamar was back in prison. She labels herself a prison wife again, so it seems clear they are still a couple.

Love After Lockup Dom's wife Mary Dalla Nora gives birth to their first child, a son named Ari Cristiano
Mary and Dom

In what may be the happiest of happily ever afters in Love After Lockup history, Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora are still married and continue to expand their family. The couple welcomed their son Ari Cristiano in April of 2020. Mary gave birth to the couple’s second son, Reign Giuseppe, on December 21, 2021.

Mary has been very vocal about her disdain for Love After Lockup producers. She says that numerous members of the Season 1 cast were mislead into believing that the show would be an overall positive look at inmate relationships and their potential for success. But, she says the show is actually focused on the negativity and the drama, the result of which is that it is labeled as “trash TV.”

Here is an excerpt from what Mary said about the show just after WE tv announced the Life After Lockup spin-off:

Dominic and I will not be involved with Life After Lockup. It seems as though our story and image does not align with the direction of the franchise. We chose to do season 1 of Love After Lockup to end the stereotypes of incarcerated relationships and shed a new light on our relationship proving that real people, who are educated, come from good families, have good jobs and are genuine can be in these types of relationships.

If you have watched the show, it is fairly apparent that Love After Lockup aims to portray a less than flattering image of those of us who are coming home from prison or have stood by an inmate during their incarceration. It would seem that show showcases people suffering from drug addition, mental illness, or other various problems. These types of individuals featured are not supported and cheered on for their success, but to make a complete mockery of a stereo-typically “trashy” lifestyle. Being on the show, I felt this first hand and learned very quickly that we were being bashed and not being built-up.


Love After Lockup Brittany and Marcelino Santiago Hawaii new house
Marcelino and Brittany

No fan of the Love After Lockup franchise is unfamiliar with the success story of Brittany and Marcelino Santiago! The couple has more screen time than any other couple in the franchise — by far.

The couple’s legal marriage was delayed until well after their wedding due to the fact that Marcelino was still married to someone else. He had his first marriage annulled in October of 2018, and he and Brittany legally got married on December 27, 2018. Interestingly, the reason Marcelino selected to explain why the marriage was eligible for an annulment was: “There is a close enough blood relationship between the parties that the marriage is prohibited by law.”

The couple had some custody issues with Brittany’s ex, Tito, over her son Giovanni, which included on-screen fisticuffs and an alleged kidnapping. Brittany later won full custody.

Since their first appearance on the show, the couple has welcomed two additional children to the growing Santiago family: daughter Zoila in December of 2018, and son Rebel in the summer of 2020.

Judging from the preview trailers for the upcoming season of Life After Lockup, Brittany and Marcelino may be having some marital issues due to the love triangle with Brittany’s bunkie bestie, Amanda. However, most every Love After Lockup fan (this one included) doesn’t really believe there’s anything there, due mainly to the artistic license taken by show producers with Brittany and Marcelino’s on screen story lines in the past. Of course, if there is a real issue and a split, we will be sure to remove #Brittelino from this list!

According to the Life After Lockup Season 7 finale, Marcelino and Brittany are separated. Once again, nobody really believes that. As a result, I am leaving them on this list.


None of the Love After Lockup Season 3 couples remain together. Amber and Puppy are still friends with potential benefits, but they certainly aren’t a couple. Besides, Amber initially appeared as Vince’s prison bae — and that relationship is CLEARLY over.


Life After Lockup Shawn and Sara sex quote
*Shawn and Sara
Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaacs are our first asterisked couple to appear on this list. Couples with asterisks are couples that are still together, but they weren’t the original cast couple.

Shawn made his debut in Season 4 as the boyfriend/sugar daddy of inmate Destinie Folsom. That relationship imploded dramatically, but Shawn quickly rebounded with another female inmate, Sara Isaacs. Shawn and Sara made their debut on Life After Lockup, so including them under the season that he originally appeared seemed the most logical.

Shawn and Sara are still married and now have a child together. Little information is known about the child, but I’m sure more will be revealed on the current season of Life After Lockup.

Shavell and Quaylon looked to be back together earlier this year when their apartment caught fire, but recent posts by Quaylon suggest that they are currently split. We will give them an official entry on this list if they are still together, and we will remove them if they are officially broken up.


Life After Lockup Britney and Ray are married
Britney and Ray

Britney and Ray Ford are still going strong after getting married on November 14, 2021! Despite the fact that Brittany lashed out at show producers in an angry series of social media posts late last year, the couple will be making their WE tv return on the current season of Life After Lockup.


Love After Lockup Tayler and Chance
Tayler and Chance

Love After Lockup Season 6 has the most entries on this list, but that makes sense given how recent the season was. First up is Tayler and Chance, who are still together and appearing on the current season of Life After Lockup. When Season 6 of Love After Lockup ended, Tayler and Chance were engaged. I assume that we will be seeing a wedding on Life After Lockup? Or at least a lot of wedding planning drama.

Love After Lockup pregnant Lacey and Antoine still together

Lacey and Antoine

This has to be one of the most unlikely entries on this list! Judging from social media posts, Lacey and Antoine are still together as they await the arrival of their first child together.

UPDATE – Lacey gave birth to daughter Antoinette in October of 2022. Meanwhile, Antoine was arrested again in May of 2023, and it looks like he is facing some serious prison time. There has been no indication that he and Lacey have split, so they remain on the list.

I have no idea what’s up with Kaylah and Martel. Kaylah’s on social media, but she doesn’t say anything about Martel one way or the other.


Love After Lockup Justine and Michael

Justine and Michael

Justine and Michael (aka Montana Millz) are still together and still going strong! They are all set to appear on the new season of Life After Lockup premiering Friday, February 24, 2023

Love After Lockup Nathan and Skylar

Nathan and Skylar

Based on social media as well as the updates at the end of the Love After Lockup Season 7 finale, Nathan and Skylar are still together. (Did you know Skylar is a mom to two daughters?)

Love After Lockup Aris and Cameron

Aris and Cameron

Aris and her liquor-lovin’ Lothario Cameron are still together and will continue to share their story on Life After Lockup.


Season One

Gabby and Chris are reportedly split up, which means there are no couples from the premiere season of Love During Lockup who are still together. However, Dalton may eventually earn an asterisked addition to this list after it was recently revealed that he is dating his on-and-off girlfriend of five years. I’m predicting we will see Dalton back on WE tv with his new old boo, but only time will tell.

Season Two

As mentioned above, Justine and Michael are still together as they become the first couple to ever go from Love During Lockup to Love After Lockup to Life after Lockup without any time off in between!

Love During Lockup Emily and Dauri

Emily and Dauri

Emily claims on social media that she is still with Dauri, who is still incarcerated. Who are we to argue?

Love During Lockup Chelsea and Mike

Chelsea and Mike

As we revealed in our Love During Lockup Season 2 Inmate Chart post, Mike has been released from prison. There are photos of Mike with Chelsea after his release, and he talks about filming with her! So, we will assume they are still together and potentially returning for Love After Lockup!

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