LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Puppy update: Eric’s wife Heather speaks out

Puppy's fiance Eric with his wife Heather

This season on Life After Lockup, one of the most prominent storylines has been the drama between engaged couple Puppy and Eric. Puppy has discovered she is pregnant with Eric’s child, despite the fact that Eric is still married to another woman named Heather. Puppy and Eric even visited a divorce attorney with the premise to find out what needed to be done to serve Eric’s wife with divorce papers.

As this season is progressing, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that Eric may be playing both sides of the fence with Puppy and his wife, Heather. Puppy has become increasingly concerned that Eric has not come home at night and Amber has taken it upon herself – being the good friend that she is – to contact Eric’s wife to see if she could possibly set up a conversation between Puppy and Heather.

Unfortunately for Eric, it seems that his relationship with his wife isn’t going smoothly either. Eric posted the photo of them together on Facebook back in November of 2019, apparently before issues arose with Puppy. Heather’s first comment is an approving heart graphic. Then, the problems began as Heather demanded Eric take the picture down. You can even see where Heather tagged Puppy (“Michell Deaton”) at the bottom. Here’s the photo and comments:

Life After Lockup Puppy's Fiance Eric's wife Heather on Facebook

Heather (Instagram handle @h_davenport12) had some further things to say when a fan had a snarky comment in response her demands to have her picture taken down.

Then Heather decided to jump in on the comments on a meme, providing very interesting insight on what might have been going on at the time when Eric wasn’t coming home to Puppy during those nights we saw on our TV screens.

The YouTube channel Kiki and Kibbitz contacted Heather for further comment and clarification. Heather confirmed our earlier report that she did file for divorce from Eric more than six months ago.

Heather says she has hired an attorney and process server to make sure Eric was served the divorce papers, but he has not signed them as of yet. (As we stated in our previous post, her inability to serve Eric resulted in Heather filing a “service by publication” on July 8.) She also elaborated further on their prior arrests, which she says are “in the past.”

Puppy never denied that she knew Eric is married. Heather says this was true from the beginning because she met Eric when she came to their house to buy a car from them. Heather confided at one point that Eric was maintaining two apartments (one for each woman) sixty miles apart from each other.

Heather explained further the bond she and Eric still have – through his chronic health condition which kept him in the hospital for 247 days during her pregnancy. She detailed the steps she took and continues to take to ensure Eric’s medical condition is managed properly.

Eric and Heather have a daughter together, and he has children from a previous relationship as well that Heather considers to be her own. As for the current status of her relationship with Eric, Heather describes herself as the “best co-parent she can be.” Further details can be found in the full video below!

One thing we know for sure is the Puppy/Eric/Heather drama will continue to play out on our TV screens especially now with Puppy being pregnant and having a decision to make.

Stay tuned for all the continuing drama on Friday nights on Life After Lockup on We Tv.

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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