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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Monique’s ex Derek Warner back in prison

One of Love After Lockup’s biggest stars is back behind bars in Ohio. Derek Warner Jr., who made it all the way to TMZ thanks to his dramatic on- and off-screen drama with ex Monique Robinson, is currently incarcerated at the Lorain Correctional Institution.

Keep reading for all we know, including an update on Derek’s felony assault charge from last year and a civil lawsuit filed by his former manager!

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Did Tayler cheat on Chance? Facebook feud recap!

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Tayler George and Chance Pitt recently had a HUGE blow up on Facebook, which all started because Chance was likely not attending their son Mason’s first birthday.

Keep reading for all of Chance’s and Tayler’s comments in their entirety — including Chance seemingly claiming Tayler cheated on him.

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Quaylon arrested with drugs & another woman

Quaylon and Shavel are returning to WE tv for the new season of Life After Lockup premiering tonight at 9/8c.

As revealed in the preview trailer, the couple has reunited and is planning their wedding. However, their families DO NOT get along, and their issues may derail the wedding plans!

As it turns out, Quaylon and Shavel may not need any outside help derailing their wedding because Quaylon was arrested on his birthday… at a hotel with another woman! Keep reading for all the juicy details from the arrest report!

Life After Lockup cast photos and couples guide Season 8 2023

WE tv has officially confirmed the couples who will be featured on Life After Lockup Season 8! The new season will feature no fewer than NINE couples, including three first-time Life After Lockup couples and one couple returning after a three-season hiatus.

Keep reading to find out all of the couples featured this season! Plus, watch the preview trailer and get details on what to expect from each couple thanks to the bios released by WE TV!