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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Angela and Tony’s divorce is final!

It’s FINALLY officially over for Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Angela Ables and Tony Wood! After 42 months, 847 cartons of Marlboros, and who knows how many Mississippi prostitutorial hook ups, Angela and Tony are legally divorced!

Keep reading for details from the divorce, which wasn’t filed in Mississippi or Idaho. Plus, we take a trip down #Tongela memory lane with photos, video, and memes from the past four years.

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey Downs vlogs as a teen on YouTube

We found Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lindsey Downs’ YouTube channel from when she was a teen! Check out some of her videos in which young Lindsey offers up her take on being a grocery store cashier and the awesomeness of the Hunger Games books!

Plus, an excerpt from Lindsey’s 2016 plea hearing in which she shares her rather extensive work and education history prior to her felony drug and firearm convictions.