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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael Simmons arrested, charged with 2 felonies

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons seemed to be staying out of legal trouble after his July, 2021 felony child neglect conviction and December, 2021 arrest for an outstanding warrant. However, the devil d*cked reality star’s trouble-free streak ran out this week as he found himself back in jail and facing two felonies.

Michael’s most recent arrest comes less than a year after he and long-time girlfriend, Maria, announced she was pregnant with their first child.

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Does Sara leave Shawn for Anthony? SPOILER

Life After Lockup couple Sara and Shawn Osborne appear to be having some serious relationship issues after the birth of their first child together. Sara believes Shawn is not stepping up as a father, and also believes he may have lost interest in her sexually — as evidenced by his aversion to trying out the couple’s new sex swing.

Sara isn’t about to sit around doubting her self-worth, so she reaches out to her ex, and father of her daughter Abby, Anthony. The two seem to reconnect instantly as Anthony lets Sara know he doesn’t think her marriage with Shawn is going to work out. So… Does Sara leave Shawn for Anthony?! Keep reading for the spoiler!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Chazz and Branwin divorce final, she’s now cam girl Sasha Syn

Congratulations are in order for Love After Lockup star Chazz Harbison! And for Branwin too! Chazz just confirmed that the couple’s divorce has finally been finalized, ending a marriage that seemed to over after about three hours.

Meanwhile, Branwin has apparently entered the 21st century by adding cam girl and online adult entertainer to a resume that famously includes old school escorting.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte evicted? Wages garnished? Plus CeCe’s felony court case update!

On the previous season of Life After Lockup, Lindsey Downs discovered that her boyfriend Daonte had a less-than-favorable credit rating. Daonte’s credit rating has likely gotten even worse after he was sued late last year a writ of eviction was issued last month!

Keep reading for details on that case, a prior writ of eviction involving Daonte, and the other civil lawsuits filed against him by auto financing companies and a furniture company. Plus, an update on the ongoing felony embezzlement case against his new girlfriend, CeCe.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Derek’s mom’s murder was on The First 48

On tonight’s episode of Love After Lockup, Derek shares details about his mother’s 2013 murder as he and his siblings gather around her gravesite together for the first time. If the details surrounding Crystal Pinkins’ murder sound familiar, it might be because it was featured on The First 48 in a 2014 episode titled “Killer Connection; Bloody Birthday.”

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Is Ashley broke & homeless? What about her jewelry business?

The story line for Love After Lockup couple Ashley and Travis just took a dramatic turn! On tonight’s episode, Ashley allegedly got kicked out of her Florida home after her landlord found out that her felon boo Travis was living there. Plus, she reveals that she’s essentially broke thanks to her jewelry business tanking during the pandemic.

Keep reading for a recap of Ashley’s emotional confession. Plus, we dig into Ashley’s story — including details on her jewelry business and whether or not it’s legal in Florida to kick someone out of a house because of their criminal history.