LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte got his girlfriend pregnant! And it’s not Lindsey?!

Life After Lockup Daonte's girlfriend is reportedly pregnant, and it's not Lindsey

We have some HUGE news for fans of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup! Not only did Daonte Sierra have sex, but he also got his girlfriend pregnant! However, that girlfriend isn’t his new prison bae Lindsey Downs!

The daddy Daonte scoop broke courtesy of Instagrammer @MerryPants earlier today. Daonte posted a selfie on various social media platforms, and the image was re-shared on Facebook by a woman that captioned it by writing: “Bd👄😍🤤💦.”

Bd could mean a lot of things (like Boo Daonte or Big Dummy), but it was assumed that she was referring to Daonte as her baby daddy. Daonte himself responded to the woman’s post by following through with a “Bm” caption. Here are the interactions with the woman’s name edited out, as shared by @MerryPants:

Love After Lockup Daonte's girlfriend is pregnant Facebook posts

And for those of you curious to see what Daonte’s potential new boo looks like, here are a couple photos:

Lindsey actually commented on the initial Instagram post by writing: “Really @merrypants ?? Smh.” (I can’t tell if she is disappointed in Daonte or @MerryPants.)

The mystery woman’s Facebook page states that she is from Miami, and her Instagram account features a photo of herself wearing a work name tag indicating she is the manager of a retail store. It’s not clear if she has spent any time behind bars.

A “BM” here, and a “DM” there, and a WHOLE LOTTA emoji isn’t necessarily proof that the woman is pregnant and the baby is Daonte’s. However, soon after the post was made by @MerryPants, Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz followed up with a YouTube video that has additional info that seems to confirm Daonte and this woman are an item — and expecting!

First, let me set the stage by stating Mary has quite a few, um, sources close to production in her DMs that are very reliable.

“So, I can tell you a little bit of tea that I know,” Mary says in the video, included below. “I know that they met online. And I can tell you ‘allegedly’ she is past her second trimester of pregnancy. And that is all I will say.”

I think it is safe to assume that the woman is indeed pregnant, and that Daonte is the dad. Or, at least, Daonte believes he’s the dad. 😉 And it also sounds like Mary knows more than she’s letting on?

Here’s the video:

It’s interesting that the woman is reportedly more than 26 weeks pregnant. There have been numerous reliable reports that Daonte and Lindsey broke up a while ago. In the Life After Lockup preview trailer we see Lindsey shoving Daonte angrily and yelling “What is wrong with you?!” Perhaps that was due to cheating?

I suppose we will have to tune in to find out! I just hope Daonte has desk insurance.

The new season of Life After Lockup is set to premiere Friday, July 29 at 9/8c on WE tv!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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