LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Are Lindsey and Blaine hooking up? SPOILER

Life After Lockup Blaine and Lindsey Downs

Lindsey Downs is currently making her second appearance on WE tv’s Life After Lockup after her first chance at on-screen romance went horribly wrong with Scott Bradshaw. It went so horribly wrong that Lindsey found herself incarcerated again courtesy of Scott. But, being incarcerated for that second time gave Lindsey a lot of time to make new “friends” — one of them being Love After Lockup Season 5 cast member Daonte Sierra.

As we can see so far this season, Daonte and Lindsey’s connection is lighting up our television screens, and hopefully for Lindsey this relationship will have better results than the one with Scott. Or will it?

One major obstacle for the lovebirds so far this season seems to be Daonte’s jealousy of Lindsey’s “roommate” and former “drug runner and worker” Blaine. Lindsey assures Daonte things are purely platonic and Daonte has nothing to worry about. But from the moment Daonte met Blaine he had his concerns and did not trust what Lindsey was telling him was true.

Unfortunately for Daonte (but fortunately for Blaine), it looks like he had a whole lot to be concerned about. Check out these photos first discovered by the Love After Lockup Mega Fans Facebook page and re-posted by esteemed Instagram blogger @merrypants in which it’s very clear that Lindsey and Blaine are more than just “platonic friends.”

As you can see in the two kissing photos (which almost look like they may have been taken by a professional photographer?) Lindsey and Blaine are quite cozy!

Actually, the leaked photos aren’t the first time Lindsey and Blaine have been caught smooching. There was a Snapchat video back in March that featured Lindsey kissing a reported ex boyfriend. That video would eventually lead to Daonte and Lindsey breaking up, according to reports at the time. Life After Lockup viewers had not been introduced to Blaine yet, but it clearly appears to be him in the blurry screen cap from the Snapchat video:

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs reportedly kissing ex

We do not know exactly when the photos were taken, but it sounds like March would be a pretty good guess. 😂 We also don’t know whether Lindsey and Blaine are still as cozy as they were at the time of the pictures and video.

As far as the present, Daonte could be too worried about what’s happening in his own personal life to be concerned about what’s up with Lindsey and Blaine. As we previously reported, Daonte is rumored to have a new girlfriend and a baby on the way!

Whatever issues that are heavy on Daonte’s mind, whether it be Lindsey or not, Daonte needed to let everyone know that he appreciated the words of support:

Stay tuned to see what drama unfolds between Daonte, Lindsey and Blaine on new episodes of Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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