LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kristianna Miller arrested, currently in jail

Love After Lockup Kristianna Miller arrested again

The law has finally caught up with the female half of WE tv’s Bonnie and Clyde. Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup inmate Kristianna Miller is currently back in jail in Iowa after being pulled over for speeding with an outstanding warrant.

Jail and court records reveal Kristianna was pulled over for speeding in a nearby county on Monday. She was cited for going between 16 and 20 mph over the 55 mph speed limit. Kristianna was also cited for driving without a valid driver’s license and was taken into custody.

I assume that Kristianna’s outstanding warrant showed up when police ran her information after the traffic stop, but I do not know that for sure. Records indicate that she was initially booked at 2AM Central time.

Kristianna was transferred to Dubuque County Jail Tuesday morning, where she is currently being held without bond. The charges are described as “parole violation, new evidence.” She has a scheduled court appearance today, so she may have a bond amount set at that time.

Kristianna has a history of fleeing custody, so she may either get a very high bond amount, or no bond at all.

UPDATE – We now have Kristianna’s most recent update from the arrest:

Life After Lockup Kristianna Miller arrest 2022

I believe @accordingtoamber1 on Instagram was the first to report on Kristianna’s arrest.

Why was there a warrant for Kristianna?

Amber Keltner was also the first to report on the outstanding warrant filed against Kristianna in a YouTube video posted last week. According to Amber, Kristianna was charged with a parole violation on March 11.

Amber contacted Dubuque County law enforcement and was told they could not provide specific details about the violation. “They did confirm that she had [a parole violation] issued on march 11 and they currently have an arrest warrant out for her,” Amber said.

“Not only that,” Amber continued, “but they confirmed at one point she had four warrants out at one time for escape.”

There were reports in February that Kristianna was back in jail, but I was unable to find any evidence to confirm those reports. Online records indicated that Kristianna was still on parole and not in jail custody at the time.

Are Kristianna and John still together?

John and Kristianna ARE NOT still together. They officially broke up in January.

“All I have to say is I’m finally single now and got rid of some burdens and I’m starting to live my life finally,” Kristianna wrote on Facebook.

The self-annointed Bonnie and Clyde duo previously made several posts suggesting they were having problems, and those problems were weighing very heavily on Kristianna.

“I’m on the verge of a mental break down,” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post on January 7. “DHS has been called on me. I’ve had a couple relapses almost sent back to prison. I’ve tried to find jobs in several areas and shut down because I’m a reality TV star and I’m honest about my position in life. I mean, what am I saying I’m a loose cannon waiting to explode.”

John has since moved on with another woman, something he vowed he would never do if his relationship with Kristianna didn’t work out.

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