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PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life’s Cynthia Wells still ‘struggling,’ working her way back in 2020

It’s a long road back to wellness for My 600 Lb Life star Cynthia Wells — but it looks like one she’s willing to travel. We’ve got an encouraging Cynthia Wells 2020 update, one that sees the Oklahoma City native admitting her post-show struggles with weight loss while also celebrating the network of family and friends Cynthia has helping her along the way.

LINKS Sophie Turner’s PSA, Ellen is a meanie, Little Women LA tragedy…

CELEBITCHYSansa Stark has a message for everyone not committed to social distancing and / or straight-up quarantine right now. (Paraphrased, it’s “Stay the f*ck home, idiots.”) But Sophie Turner’s PSA is really directed at celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Evangeline Lilly who don’t understand why this is so important and who then talk about it out loud, helping inspire further idiocy

DLISTEDThere’s an entire Twitter thread devoted to people sharing anecdotes about how mean Ellen DeGeneres is in real life, specifically so the dude who originated the thread will donate more and more money to charity. I think this is great, and not just for my profession — there have to be *tons* more A-list celebs who cultivate an air of public benevolence, but who are absolute shits to the “little people” around them. And we need more tea on those celebrities

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPCondolences to Little Women: LA star Christy McGinity, whose baby daughter Violet died yesterday at just 17 days old. Violet was born seven weeks premature; Christy and her boyfriend Gonzo Carazo spent every day by Violet’s side in the NICU

VOXWe could also have avoided a lot of trouble over the last few years if the networks had never given airtime to any of Donald Trump’s daily thoughts on anything at all, let alone a still-worsening viral pandemic. But I kind of doubt they’re going to all of a sudden stop now

THE BLEMISHIf you haven’t seen this video of a naked, bathtub-bound Madonna burying and praising COVID-19 in about equal measure, you need to do yourself a favor and click straightaway

JEZEBELThe “perfect playroom” is total aspirational bullshit, but that doesn’t stop hopeful parents (*raises hand* from organizing and reorganizing and cleaning it in hopes of preserving, for at least a moment, the elusive Platonic ideal

THE BLAST“Meryl Streep’s Daughter Grace Gummer Files For Divorce, Mr. Robot Star Was Secretly Married!”

REALITY TEA“NeNe Leakes Argues With Kandi Burruss For Shading Her In Confessionals On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

LAINEY GOSSIP“Exactly a week after one of the most cryptic album announcements, Donald Glover officially released his highly anticipated fourth studio album called 03.15.20. Before we get into the album itself, let’s talk about its release because it is so interesting and SO strange”

GO FUG YOURSELFEnjoy the relative stability and comfort of known routines, like the 2020 Fug Madness tournament still going on despite its athletic counterpart having been canceled weeks (months? years? feels like at least years) ago

Jessica Dime says she quit LHHATL when producers pressured her to have threesomes

Former LHHATL cast member and longtime fan favorite Jessica Dime still gets asked on the regular why she quit the show. And it sounds like the Dimepiece finally had enough of the question, because she gave an unexpected and frankly shocking answer. According to Dime herself, one of the main reasons was the show’s producers pressuring her to have a threesome — not on camera, but with the producer him (or her) self. Read on for the details…

LHHH A1 Bentley confirms he’s done with the show ahead of Season 7 cast announcement

After a tumultuous 2019 in which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star A1 Bentley took the most abuse of his career, it seems the controversial producer is done with reality TV. The latest LHHH A1 update confirms that Bentley, a four-season veteran, won’t be a member of the LHHH Season 7 cast when filming resumes. Keep reading for the confirmation, from A1 himself…

LINKS Harvey Weinstein has coronavirus, Quaranting coping, Bethenny Frankel’s silver lining…

DLISTEDHarvey Weinstein keeps finding new and terrible ways to get himself in headlines. Mere weeks after the convicted rapist was hospitalized with chest pains following his sentencing on rape charges, we discover that Harvey Weinstein has coronavirus and is in isolation at a prison facility in upstate New York

VOXIn more big name coronavirus news, noted neighbor-haver and US Senator Rand Paul has contracted the disease. Paul apparently exposed enough of his colleagues to the virus that Republicans won’t have a Senate majority for at least a couple of weeks

THE BLASTAnd in *good* coronavirus news, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have passed their two week quarantine with no further symptoms. It’s not “vaccine available for everyone”-level good news, but I think at this point we’ll take Tom Hanks’ safe recovery with a smile and a Skyped-in high-five

CELEBITCHYKristen Stewart may have broken California’s shelter-in-place order with her quarantine relief hike, but then getting outside is a requirement for human sanity. And if anyone serious calls her on it, she can always point the finger at the photographer who snapped these shots of her in the first place

REALITY TEA“Bethenny Frankel Says Coronovirus Relief Brought Her Closer To Boyfriend Paul Bernon”

JEZEBELIf you don’t mind having your heart absolutely broken, here’s one story of how coronavirus-based restaurant closures are driving even more low- and middle-income earners out of the Bay Area, which in turn makes the place even less of a cultural and spiritual beacon than it had already become

THE BLEMISHSpeaking of food, here’s a handy guide to the best instructional cooking channels YouTube has to offer. Because, honestly, “you probably can’t cook as well as you think you can. I’m sure you can make a few dishes, but can you really cook?”

LAINEY GOSSIPLana Del Rey is single again, was spotted with “a friend” in LA just before the California lockdown commenced, and will maybe get together with Brad Pitt?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Randall Emmett Confirms His Wedding to Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Has Been Postponed Due to Pandemic: How They’re Dealing”

GO FUG YOURSELFFinally, enjoy this nostalgic trip back to the faraway land of 2002 with this glamorous throwback photo gallery of King Willem-Alexander’s marriage to Queen Maxima

EXCLUSIVE My 600 Lb Life’s Charity Pierce reveals cancer diagnosis

A little over a year after falling victim to a viral hoax about her passing, My 600 Lb Life star Charity Pierce has revealed some shocking news about her health. In the 44-year-old’s own words, the Charity Pierce death scare was a cancer diagnosis — doubly frightening for Charity as cancer also took her mother’s life. Read on for the details from Charity herself.

Megalomedia lawsuit: My 600 Lb Life producers accuse LB Bonner of self-negligence in first legal response

We’ve gotten the first legal response to the first Megalomedia lawsuit accusing the My 600 Lb Life producers of “gross negligence” in the death of fan favorite LB Bonner. Megalomedia’s legal team countered the Bonner family’s lawsuit by categorically denying each of the family’s claims — and in turn accusing Bonner of neglecting his own health in the period leading to his 2018 suicide. Read on for the latest.