LINKS! Bachelor finale shocker, William H. Macy gets away, More MJ fallout…

Bachelor finale shocker 2

VOXThe Bachelor finale shocker was without question one for the show’s record books. It was also, to put it as gently as possible, juuust a little bit problematic

CELEBITCHYWilliam H. Macy managed to avoid arrest in the college admissions cheating scandal that snared his wife Felicity Huffman for what amounts to a pretty sketchy reason. I’ve read this twice and it still seems like he should have been taken into custody as well

THE BLEMISHIn 1989, Michael Jackson was captured on film shopping for jewelry with accuser James Safechuck — who was twelve years old at the time — and no one questioned it until the footage resurfaced on YouTube this week

JEZEBELIn related news, it turns out that LaToya “Psychic Friends Network” Jackson was right about her family all along, but nobody wanted to take her seriously because who could take the Psychic Friends Network seriously, right?

THE BLASTApparently Luke Perry’s death certificate lists a false burial site because his family wants to keep the real resting place a secret. History is already planning a Curse of Oak Island-style show about this

LAINEY GOSSIPEverything about J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship has seemed manufactured from day one and these charmless engagement photos are only further proof

DLISTEDIn sex offender news not related to Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj has started referring to her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty — who did time for attempted rape and is on New York state’s list of registered sex offenders — as her “husband” instead

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPI’m no connoisseur of daytime TV, so I could be way off on this. But I’m pretty sure that when Maury Povich gets involved in a feud, it’s not a sign that things are about to be settled

REALITY TEA“Estranged Wife Of Alexis Bellino’s New Boyfriend Pleads For Social Media Respect For Their Children”

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