K. Michelle’s surrogate will reportedly appear with her for LHHH Season 6

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K. Michelle revealed a few months ago that she’d found a new surrogate and was going to try to have more kids, but now it looks like we’re going to get an even closer look at the journey. According to a new report, the K. Michelle surrogate is set to join the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 cast, and Kimberly’s storyline will focus on her attempts at expanding her family.

It’s a pretty sharp turnaround for K. Michelle, who around this time last year was claiming she’d quit LHHH before the show’s fifth season had even aired. But it’s possible the praise she earned as a breath of fresh air for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood after jumping ship from LHHATL helped change her mind.

Whatever the reason, The Jasmine Brand is reporting that the K. Michelle surrogate storyline will be one to watch when LHHH Season 6 drops this summer. Per their sources, “the series has already secured [the surrogate’s] appearances,” and the woman “will allegedly appear on the upcoming season.”

One caveat is the use of “allegedly.” It’s all but certain that the show’s producers have simply signed the woman to a contract without confirming that she’ll actually be in any new episodes. However, it’s tough to imagine a scenario — whether the pregnancy takes or not — where K. Michelle’s surrogate *doesn’t* make at least one or two appearances.

Especially since we already know K. Michelle has been paired up with a new surrogate for almost three months. Last December 19th, she took to Instagram to announce she’d been approved for a second surrogate, and her first since 2017:

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It will come as no surprise that the woman’s identity has yet to be either revealed publicly or gossiped about widely. (That will change as we get closer to the LHHH Season 6 premiere.) And it’s also worth pointing out that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s new production company has made clear its intention to focus more on the show’s couples and those couples’ children. So, in a pragmatic sense — or a cynical one if you’re feeling less generous 😉 — the K. Michelle surrogate angle is also a way of ensuring the singer’s continued presence on the show.

K. Michelle has one child, 15-year-old son Chase Bowman, from a previous relationship with Brian Bowman. In September of 2017, she announced that she was trying to have more children via surrogate, after being diagnosed with lupus and being told that the disease meant she would be unable to carry children to term:

Then, in August of 2018, K. Michelle announced her health had recovered and she was free to try conceiving children once more.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 is expected to premiere this summer.

(Photo credits: K. Michelle surrogate via Instagram)

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