PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life Alicia now: Looking fantastic with boyfriend Tim and prepping for skin removal surgery

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How is My 600 Lb Life Alicia now? In addition to looking positively radiant in her latest pics, the 33-year-old Illinois native just celebrated her eight-year anniversary with boyfriend Tim Carter! Alicia is also getting closer to the skin removal surgery she’s been waiting for — and it looks like we’ll get an official update on her weight loss journey very soon.

Alicia’s obesity issues began in her traumatic childhood. Her mother worked while her father drank in bars; his absence left Alicia’s mother with a great deal of resentment towards him, which naturally boiled over in loud fights whenever Alicia’s father did come home.

But Alicia — who turned to food to help deal with the stress — was not spared her mother’s wrath. As Alicia’s weight ballooned throughout childhood, her mother would yell that Alicia was “getting too fat,” and tell her that her weight “made her look bad.”

By the time My 600 Lb Life‘s cameras began rolling, Alicia had reached her peak weight of 622 pounds. She said she felt like she was only living for the next meal. And Alicia’s boyfriend Tim, who had battled and defeated his own drug addition, worried that life with his partner was becoming “stagnant.”

After five months of working with Dr. Nowzaradan as well as a dietician, Alicia was approved for weight loss surgery. Following surgery, though, her food cravings returned. Tim encouraged Alicia to revisit her mother for a long-overdue talk, one that had both women in tears. The catharsis enabled Alicia to resume her journey in earnest: by her episode’s end, Alicia was down to 436 pounds. Her loss of 186 pounds represented nearly a third of Alicia’s peak body weight.

As for My 600 Lb LifeAlicia now, it looks like things are all smiles. Here’s the most recent photo of Alicia and Tim together — it was taken this past January, and Alicia shared it again a few days ago, in celebration of her eighth anniversary with Tim!

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Here’s another shot of the two of them together, enjoying the sunset atop the Cahokia Mounds in southern Illinois last autumn:

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Finally, here’s the most recent solo pic that Alicia has made public, from just a couple of weeks ago:

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In our earlier update on Alicia, we reported that she was nearly at her initial weight loss goal, and that skin removal surgery would follow. Alicia hasn’t shared any surgical updates since then, so it’s possible the surgery has yet to happen.

However, since My 600 Lb Life cast members drop news about upcoming or just-completed skin removal surgeries with some regularity, it’s also possible that Alicia *has* undergone the procedure, but is keeping things on the DL. But My 600 Lb Life viewers likely don’t have long to wait before finding out: Alicia has also confirmed that she’s been filming a Where Are They Now? follow-up, one that’s likely to air when the latest WATN episodes drop in late spring.

Until then, you can revisit Alicia’s My 600 Lb Life episode here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Alicia now via Facebook, TLC)

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