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PHOTOS Murder Chose Me renewed for Season 3, and filming is underway

It took a lot longer than the show’s fans would have liked, but we’ve now gotten official word that Murder Chose Me has been renewed! The Investigation Discovery hit will be back for a third season of long, hard looks at the grisly case file of Detective Rod Demery — keep reading to find out when filming began, and when we should expect to see Murder Chose Me Season 3 on the air.

Murder Chose Me new season preview and FAQ for Detective Rod Demery

Murder Chose Me is back with a brand new slate of episodes, and we’ve got a full season preview. Plus, for viewers new to the show, we’ve expanded our bio of Detective Rod Demery to include everything from the man’s age, birthday, and wife to new details about his mother’s murder and brother’s conviction on homicide charges.

Detective Rod Demery pens loving tribute to his incarcerated brother Patrick

Detective Rod Demery’s brother Patrick became one of Rod’s unwitting inspirations after he was convicted on a murder charge in 1994. The Murder Chose Me star recently paid tribute to his brother with a loving message that underscored the complexity of their relationship; read on for the full message, plus the sweet boyhood photos of the two of them that Rod shared.

EXCLUSIVE Massive Murder Chose Me Season 2 update from star John Nicholson & crew

Expectations for Murder Chose Me Season 2 have been sky-high ever since Investigation Discovery announced the show’s renewal back in May. Fortunately for MCM’s growing legions of fans, what we’ve learned about the new episodes and their production should give you every reason to be thrilled for what’s ahead. For starters, star John Nicholson, who […]

VIDEO Detective Rod Demery explains the ‘closure’ he got from forgiving his mother’s murderer

The murder of Detective Rod Demery’s mother was arguably the single most significant event in Demery’s life, and the Murder Chose Me star recently opened up about the story behind his own investigation of her murder for Dr. Oz. Demery appeared on Oz’s show earlier this year, while promoting Murder Chose Me Season 1; the […]

CONFIRMED Murder Chose Me Season 2 gets the green light from Investigation Discovery

Rod Demery fans, your weeks of agonized waiting have come to a close: Murder Chose Me Season 2 is officially happening! Entertainment industry trade publication Deadline announced the news earlier today, revealing that Investigation Discovery has picked up its newest first-person detective dramatization series for a second run of ten episodes. The new season is […]

MURDER CHOSE ME Detective Demery reveals how he was able to get a confession every time

It’s hardly unusual for a reality TV show to have to fight back against claims that part or all of the show is fake. But Investigation Discovery’s Murder Chose Me is hardly a typical reality show–in fact, while it does use elements of reality TV, the show is more closely related to a true crime […]