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Tiarra from LHHATL went off on the show’s fans and VH1 because Scrapp won’t sleep with her

Scrapp DeLeon is in a halfway house and back on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, which means Tiarra from LHHATL is also back in a big way. The show’s fans have been hooting at Tiarra for throwing herself at Scrapp — so now she’s lashing out at the viewers and the network because Scrapp won’t get back in the sack with her.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tia Becca offers new pregnancy details, teases Season 6 info

It's been almost six months since LHHATL's Tia Becca announced her surprise pregnancy, and viewers are already wondering: Did Tia Becca lose her baby? Because the cast and crew are prepping for LHHATL Season 6, Tia recently sat down for a full-length interview, during which she shared some new pregnancy updates, including her due date, and what fans should expect from the new season! Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Is J-Nicks Tiarra’s baby daddy? He denies it as she teases secret photos

Is J-Nicks Tiarra's baby daddy? And, if it's not him, just who is Tiarra's baby daddy? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers have been in a tizzy over these questions for the past few days, thanks to a swirl of rumors about whether Scrapp DeLeon is the child's father. Making matters more confusing for fans (and a whole lot more fun for her) is the fact that Tiarra / Tia Becca has shared a string of photos of herself and her man–with the man's face conveniently blurred out. Read on to see the photos and get the latest!

LHHATL Tia Becca keeps baby daddy’s identity secret, reveals details of surprise pregnancy

Who is Tia Becca's baby daddy? That's the question on the mind of every Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer, in light of the Season 5 star's surprise pregnancy announcement in the finale. While Tia herself is keeping the man's identity under wraps–for now–she did share a few tidbits about the pregnancy itself, along with her own condition, with VH1. Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Karen King accuses Tiarra of lying about Scrapp DeLeon’s kids, demands DNA test

According to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Karen King, one of the show’s storylines involving son Scrapp DeLeon’s kids might have been a lie from the very start–and that lie might have been perpetuated by fellow cast member Tia Becca. Karen recently took to YouTube for the latest installment of “KK Live,” her weekly post-LHHATL chat series, and laid some very strong allegations against Tia and her allegedly nefarious ways. Read on to see video of Karen calling Tia out…

AUDIO LHHATL Tia Becca baby daddy rumors addressed in new interview

Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has seen a whole host of Tia Becca baby daddy rumors swirl, thanks to the new cast member's dalliance with Scrapp DeLeon and her already-large family. In a new interview with Ken Butler World, Tia addressed several rumors regarding herself–and managed to reveal that she was recently married! Read on to hear what Tia had to say about her new husband, as well as her alleged recent sex tape!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Scrapp and Tia Becca get back together in time for her alleged sex tape scandal

This over-the-top season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has had almost no sex tape drama. (Though Lord knows it's had just about everything else.) So: how about a little LHHATL Tia Becca sex tape gossip to get your day going? Though there's no foolproof way to confirm the identity of either the woman or the man in the footage that's going around, the rumor right now is that Tia Becca has been unfaithful to Scrapp since his booking in a Georgia prison on drug trafficking charges. Read on for the latest!

PHOTOS Scrapp DeLeon girlfriend rumors: LHHATL star has 8-month-old son with secret lover

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez raised many a viewer's eyebrows last week, when she claimed the existence of another Scrapp DeLeon girlfriend beyond Tommie and Tiarra. Now, it looks like Joseline might have been telling the truth: a new report by The Gossip Twins claims to have discovered the baby mama for the newborn who keeps showing up on Scrapp's social media pages. Read on to find out about the woman who may or may not be Scrapp DeLeon's girlfriend, and to get a boatload of photos of Scrapp's youngest son!

LHHATL Tia Becca seminude modeling pics distract from ongoing feud with Tommie

It seems that new Tia Becca pics (not all of which involve the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star fully clothed) are going to be the newest theme of Season 5! Though some fans know her best for her still-developing feud with Scrapp's girlfriend Tommie, Tia Becca is developing quite a following for her eye-popping work as a model. Read on for the latest shade in the Tia Becca and Tommie feud, and to see a photo gallery of Tia's (not entirely safe for) work!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5: Tommie calls Tiarra a ‘microwaveable pocket p*ssy’ as feud escalates

Though we're only three episodes in, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 has already shown us a full slate's worth of drama. And things are even more intense than usual from week to week, thanks to VH1's Check Yourself web series, during which cast members react to controversial scenes from the most recent episode without anyone around. This week, Tommie and Tia Becca both clapped back at each other while watching their scene with Scrapp–and Tommie's insult for Tia is one of the show's all-time greats!