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PHOTOS Meet Big Tips Texas waitress Kristyn Cole, creator of TKCC fashion line

MTV’s new reality series Big Tips Texas features the vivacious and salacious barmaids of Lewisville’s infamous Redneck Heaven “breastaurant.” The network’s promotions state that the gals are “working their way towards making their dreams a reality one crazy shift at a time.” But, one of the gals appears to be a few crazy shifts ahead of most of the others. Redneck Heaventrepreneur Kristyn Cole already has a very successful line of hand-crafted fashion and accessories called The Kristyn Cole Collection!


VIDEO PHOTOS Meet Big Tips Texas ‘Sexy Kitty’ waitress Amber Rosales

MTV’s new reality show venture Big Tips Texas (premiering October 9 at 10/9c) looks to be a wild roller coaster ride of drama, cat fights and female bonding featuring ten sexy employees of the Redneck Heaven bar and restaurant in Lewisville, Texas. These gals work hard and play even harder — and judging from the previews, the hardest worker and the hardest player may just be veteran waitress Amber Rosales.