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LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey gets 20 years for burning fiancée’s house down

Love During Lockup Season 1 inmate Talsey McCullough will have a few years to try to get back on the show after he was given a lengthy prison sentence for burning down his fiancée’s house early last year. If he does appear on the show again, it might be with the same woman whose house he burned down because it seems she is still hung up on him!?

RHOM Alexia responds to Adriana comparing ankle injury to Frankie’s car accident

The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Alexia Nepola responds to Adriana de Moura comparing her bruised ankle to the car accident that resulted in Alexia’s son Frankie being in a coma for months and suffering life-long injuries.

“For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or ‘connect’ their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong,” Alexia wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY.”

Keep reading for Alexia’s full statement, plus a recap of the scene in question from this week’s episode.