SISTER WIVES Why Christine couldn’t trust Robyn, never wanted to be friends with her

Christine Brown Robyn Brown

During the last episode of Sister Wives (S18, E5), Robyn cried about always wanting to be friends with Christine. She claims that she was often offering an “olive branch” to her, but Christine doesn’t remember Robyn ever reaching out to her in this way.

Even if she had, Christine would have rejected the friendship because she never trusted Robyn.

“I was constantly holding out an olive branch to Christine, constantly wanting the relationship, constantly trying to ask her what can I do. All she ever told me was, ‘I’m just jealous of you,’” Robyn said through tears.

“I feel like we really did have the potential of just having a great relationship. And I just never understood why we couldn’t. I just don’t know how to come to terms with the heartbreak of it,” she continued.

Although Christine says she wished Robyn would have told her if she wanted a friendship with her, it would have been in vain. “I would have rejected her friendship anyway, to be completely honest with you,” Christine said. “If Robyn approached me and wanted to be friends, I would have not been friends still because I couldn’t trust her.”

Why doesn’t Christine trust Robyn?

Christie’s lack of trust in Robyn stems from the fact that Robyn knew that Kody would spend more time with her ever since she joined the family but would always deny it.

“She knew that Kody was over at her house more than anyone else’s,” Christine says. “I’m not gonna trust someone who says they want family, yet they are fine with Kody only being at their house. That’s not family, that’s monogamy.”

In a previous episode, Christine stated that she doesn’t feel like Robyn has ever lived a polygamist lifestyle.

It’s Kody’s belief that Christine is placing blame on Robyn, when her real issue is with the polygamist lifestyle.

Robyn doesn’t know why

In her talking head interview and her discussions with Meri, Robyn says that she “doesn’t know” why she and Christine could never have a friendship.

Christine states that back in Vegas, when Kody and the wives would have counseling sessions, Christine would be very open about how she had a problem with the fact that Kody preferred Robyn over everyone else, and prefers to spend all his time at her house.

Christine says that both Robyn and Kody would deny that Kody liked Robyn more and would spend more time with her.

Although Christine was jealous of Robyn, the reason why she could never trust her appears to be more about that Robyn would never admit the truth about Kody’s preference for her, and how much time he would spend with her.

Janelle doesn’t trust Robyn either

Around the time when Robyn had to leave her rental property, she was looking for another rental, but Robyn says Kody was pressuring her to buy a house.

Janelle was against purchasing a house because she felt it would impede their ability to pay off the Coyote Pass property.

Janelle says she discussed this with Robyn in a non-confrontational way, and then Robyn told Kody that Janelle was “struggling” with the purchase. Robyn says that she was struggling with the idea of buying the house too, and used her conversation with Janelle as a means to help him see her point-of-view.

The problem was that Kody used this as ammunition against Janelle a year and a half later. He cited this to call her “unreasonable, pushy, and mean.”

Because Kody was told about the conversation, Janelle lost trust in Robyn.

Last season Janelle claimed that she helped pay for Robyn’s $900k house, and that’s huge reason why she found herseld in such a bad financial situation right now.