SISTER WIVES Where is Janelle living now? Has she paid off Coyote Pass?

Where is Janelle Brown living now?

We have some updates about Sister Wives‘s Janelle Brown’s living situation. Even though she’s separated from Kody, she still has the dream of building on Coyote Pass. Is she any closer to that dream?

Where is Janelle living as of Fall 2023

The events we’re watching on the show right now happened in late 2021/early 2022. At the time, Janelle lived in a small apartment in Flagstaff, AZ, with her 17-year-old daughter Savannah, who was in her final year of high school.

She also had a relationship-ending fight with Kody Brown, and found herself in a terrible financial situation. Unlike Christine and Robyn, Janelle didn’t buy a house when they moved to Flagstaff.

She even tried to persuade Robyn not to buy so they could use all their funds to pay off Coyote Pass, rezone it, and build their dream homes on the property, which Janelle does own part of.

Years past and no progress was made to pay off and build on Coyote Pass. In the spring/summer of 2021, Janelle moved out of her rental home into an RV on the property, but she faced a lot of obstacles trying to get the vehicle livable.

When the weather chilled and Christine left the family, Janelle relocated to a small apartment in Flagstaff.

As of 2023, she’s still in Flagstaff, and appears to be in an apartment, but it’s hard to tell if it’s the same one.

Two days ago, September 22, 2023, Janelle posted a cozy chitchat video to Instgram where she confirmed that she was in Flagstaff and was sitting on her patio.

Is Coyote Pass finally paid off?

Janelle finally has good news in 2023 as far as her dream of building on Coyote Pass. Coyote Pass has officially been paid off!

This means that Janelle is free to build her house on the property, which has been her goal all along.

Janelle did spend the summer back in her RV, presumably on Coyote Pass, so maybe some progress has been made.

As for Meri, she and Kody were spotted moving furniture into her bed and breakfast in Parowan, UT this past spring.

Are Janelle and Kody still married?

Even though Janelle and Kody had a terrible fight and Janelle asked him to pack his stuff and leave. She has even gone so far as to say that she doesn’t love him and is “emotionally” done with him on the Season 17 Tell-All.

But, she doesn’t considered herself divorced from him because of her faith. We’ve recently seen Janelle speak about her faith with Christine, who no longer believes in their religion.

For Christine, it was easy to “spiritually” divorce Kody and move on because she lost her faith. It’s a lot more complicated for Janelle.

If she goes on to build and live on Coyote Pass and Kody and Robyn do too, maybe they can work on their relationships with each other in a different way. It could be a convenient place for their shared children to visit.

There are other possibilities as well. Kody and Robyn could sell their parcels of land, or they could develop rental properties. Kody has long had a plan to build rental properties on the land, but he has also planned to live there too. With everything that’s gone done, and his deep bitterness about the situation, he may never build a house for himself on the land.

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