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THE DUGGARS Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Drink Alcohol on Boozy Date Night?

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are known for breaking the Duggars strict rules. The Counting On stars are pushing the envelope once again, seeming to enjoy alcoholic beverages on their North Hollywood taco date.

If things are as they appear in Jeremy’s latest Instagram post, Duggar patriarch Jim Bob has reason to be annoyed.


Love During Lockup Mark’s friend Jeremy’s arrest record includes larceny & LOTS of DUIs

Prior to his first video call with inmate bae Sincer-a, Love During Lockup star consulted his friend Jeremy for advice. Jeremy revealed that he was a good person to give advice since he spent nearly a decade in prison himself! Keep reading to find out details about Jeremy’s arrest history. Plus, lots more info on Jeremy, including the fact that he dated another Sharp Entertainment reality star in 2017!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden’s ex Christeline officially joins Marcus Epps’ family

Christeline Peterson’s rumored Seeking Sister Wife husband hopping has been confirmed! Ashley and Dimitri Snowden’s estranged wife has issued a statement announcing that she has indeed joined the Epps family from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4. Keep reading for her statement, and we also check in on her divorce from Dimitri!