LOVE DURING LOCKUP Asonta reportedly killed in car crash

Love During Lockup Raneka's boyfriend Asonta reportedly died after police chase crash

Love During Lockup star Lacitrus Asonta Gholston has reportedly died after being involved in a police chase in Georgia Friday night.

Asonta’s on-screen love interest, Raneka, broke the news to her followers on social media.

“We always beefing & I ain’t never put my pride aside, but he know imma be on his ass,” Raneka began her post on Facebook. “May your soul rest in peace Juwhop. I will always love u more than any women that stepped on earth & I mean et from the bottom of my soul 💔 #RestInPeaceAsonta #1212 #Soul2Soul Juixe Mann 🥲”

Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz spoke with Raneka Friday night, and the initial reports were that Asonta was hit by a car while walking. However, later reports indicate he was driving and being pursued by police when he crashed head-on into a truck with four people inside.

UPDATE – We now have additional information about the crash from the Georgia State Patrol, including their claim that police were not in pursuit of Asonta at the time of the crash.

WNEG Radio shared some information about the crash reportedly involving Asonta on their Facebook page:


One of the four people riding in the truck that was hit responded to the WNEG Facebook post in the comments. “I’m so blessed to be alive after what we all four went through yesterday!” she wrote. “It hurt my heart so bad for the other driver. I cried from a distance with his family. I’m praying for healing for your family and I’m so sorry!!”

She then addressed comments on the post expressing outrage at the other driver and the police for giving chase. “This isn’t a time for people’s negativity! Please keep it to yourself. What if it was your family member?”

The mother of the young man driving the truck shared a lengthy Facebook post about getting the phone call after the accident. The post included some terrifying photos of what was left of the truck. Here is her post and photos, with the names redacted:

There’s a few things in life you never want to experience, for me, it’s getting that call from your child asking you to “hurry, it’s bad.”

Tonight, we owe a lifetime of gratitude to our God.

I want to share an update of the accident on 106 (Mize Rd) tonight. [My son and three friends] were in [his] truck (F250 powerstroke) when they left the Chevron station on 106 heading home. It was only a short distance drive before they were met head on with a speeding vehicle (car) trailed by blue lights.

The truck flipped multiple times before it came to a rest on the side of the road – in the ditch. Upon arrival, [all four] came running to us, all crying and bleeding – but thank God they were coming to us and not us to them. God put a hedge of protection around that truck and protected all 4 of them!

Love During Lockup Asonta car crash photo

Sadly, circumstances were of the worst for some, but with a better outcome than could be imagined for our family. After multiple ambulance rides, several stitches, bruises, fractures, CTs, and X-rays they have ALL been discharged from the Emergency Dept to go home.

From one mom and dad to another … Hug them. Love them. Life is precious. Thank you Lord for your mercy on our family tonight. Please pray for continued healing in the days to come. Their worst days are ahead.

**CAUTION**attached picture is of [my son’s] truck and may be graphic for some, but definitely gives an idea of how grateful we are as parents!

Love After Lockup Raneka's boyfriend Asonta car crash photos

Among the friends and family grieving Asonta’s passing is a young woman (not Raneka) who was reportedly five months pregnant with his child. “My heart just can’t accept this…” she wrote on Facebook early in the AM on Saturday. “Bae just call me back … what about our son ? We was halfway there baby. You promised me nothing would keep you from meeting him. 💔💔💔 I love you baby.”

The woman returned to Facebook roughly nine hours later with a lengthy message:

Love During Lockup Asonta's pregnant girlfriend

We will continue to monitor this story and share any major updates.

Asonta’s prison release, recent legal troubles

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Asonta was released from state prison in February of this year.

If you’ve been watching Love During Lockup, then you know Asonta apparently had some issues with additional charges in another county. If he spent any additional time in a county jail, I do not believe that would be indicated on the Georgia DOC website.

There was a probation revocation issued for Asonta in April due to a charge of obstructing an officer in 2020. Asonta pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced to 90 days with 90 days credit for time served.

The Georgia Gazette has a record of Asonta being booked on June 6 in Habersham County. The charges listed include possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine with intent, and “crossing guardlines.”

“Crossing the Guard Line” is a Georgia law referencing an attempt to sneak contraband into a jail or prison.

Asonta is also allegedly charged with “move over.” I can only assume that is in reference to not moving over for an emergency vehicle? I was unable to find any more information about this arrest or the charges.

In addition to Asonta’s criminal problems, he was also having civil issues.

Court records indicate the Georgia Department of Human Services sued Asonta for child support in regards to two children in July of this year. A Motion of Contempt was filed stating Asonta owed $10,403 as of June 30. It’s unclear if the alleged unpaid child support resulted in a warrant being issued.

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