SISTER WIVES Did Meri Brown leave Flagstaff? Plus details on her HUGE rental houses!

Details on Meri Brown's first house in Flagstaff and her second house in Flagstaff

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown reveals that she plans to move her LuLaRoe fashion empire from Flagstaff to Parowan, Utah, where her bed and breakfast is located.

Did Meri leave Flagstaff too? And what’s the deal with her Flagstaff house? It seems HUGE for one person!

Did Meri Brown leave Flagstaff?

There is A LOT of evidence suggesting that Meri has moved away from Flagstaff. Multiple fans spotted Meri and Kody with a moving van back in April, and they provided receipts.

There is a photo of Meri and Kody at a gas station between Flagstaff and Parowan, along with a first-hand account from the person who took the picture stating that they were with a moving van.

There is a also a video of moving van at Meri’s Lizzie’s Heritage Inn bed and breakfast. You can clearly see a film crew on location, and the redditor who shared the video said Meri and Kody were present. The fan also said that there was a piano halfway through the front door, so they were definitely up to more than just moving some LuLaRoe leggings!

The photo and video of Kody and Meri moving stuff from Flagstaff to Parowan lines up with the fact that Meri’s house featured on the show was listed as being available to rent in April. If you didn’t know, Meri elected to rent instead of buy when she moved to Flagstaff.

In summary, it definitely appears as though Meri has left the Flagstaff house she was living in while filming the current season. There is no record of her buying a house, but it is possible that she rented another house in Flagstaff. It would make sense that she would downsize after relocating her LuLaRoe business.

Sister Wives Meri Brown's first house in Flagstaff

Meri Brown’s first Flagstaff house details

No one will deny that Meri Brown has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the relationship end of her plural marriage with Kody Brown. However, Kody’s first wife has always made sure she got more than her fair share when it came to living accommodations! And this is despite the fact that she only has one child, who turned 18 more than a decade ago.

Fans will recall that all four wives purchased similar homes on a cul de sac when the family lived in Las Vegas. However, Meri insisted on having a custom wet bar in her house, which bumped the price up more than all the others.

When the family moved to Flagstaff, Meri rented a BEAUTIFUL 4,250-square-foot home. The four-bedroom, four-bath house was located on a cul de sac in Northwest Flagstaff. Here’s an excerpt from one of the listings for the property:

Designed for a large family and entertaining, this home offers deck after deck of panoramic views and areas to view the wildlife that visit the property. This home features an elevator, is feet to the FUTS, has a 3 car garage, gourmet kitchen, soaring ceilings, stone fireplaces and en suite bedrooms.

Roughly the time that Meri moved to Flagstaff, the property was listed as available for rent at $2,975 a month. There are multiple theories online as to why Meri moved out of the house, including reports that the neighbors were not happy about TLC filming there.

Regardless of the reason, Meri moved out and into a smaller property a little closer to Coyote Pass and Robyn’s house. That house is the one she was living in while filming the current season.

Unfortunately for Meri, it appears she would have made out extremely well if she had opted for Kody’s preference of buying over renting.

The house Meri initially rented sold after she left for $810,000 in October of 2019. The house was listed for sale again in May of 2021, and eventually sold for $1,465,000. That’s a $655,000 increase in 19 months! Meri (and her downline) would have to sell A LOT of leggings to match that!

Sister Wives Meri's house in Flagstaff details

Meri Brown’s second Flagstaff house details

The house that Meri Brown is living in on the current season of Sister Wives was available to rent in May of 2019 for $4,500 a month. I am guessing that was what Meri was paying at the time.

The house is 3,700 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. From the property listing:

Unfurnished Flagstaff in-town property, 4 beautiful acres of old growth ponderosa directly across from the Colton House. Peaceful natural forest setting and easy access to the Schultz and Elden trail systems right out the door. Fabulous family living and outdoor backyard entertainment and cooking area.

They should have updated that last sentence to read: “Fabulous family living and outdoor backyard entertainment and cooking area and filming location for your sister wife who refuses to film indoors for some reason.”

The listing also includes some restrictions, including no pets and the sentence below, which ends in a way that might deter future sister wives from renting:

Lease is contingent upon renter upholding typical standards of living in a quiet neighborhood, including minimizing noise after 10pm and not holding large gatherings or parties without permission from the owners.

The property was listed for rent in April of this year for $5,800 a month. It was re-listed on July 17 for $5,500 a month, which was decreased to $4,800 a month on July 30.

On August 29, Meri’s Flagstaff house was listed for rent for $4,500 a month, and it is still available at the time of this post.

If you’re curious how Meri Brown’s Flagstaff houses stack up to Robyn Brown’s Flagstaff houses, we’ve got that information for you.

When the Browns initially moved to Flagstaff, Robyn was renting a house. That house was 6,798 SQUARE FEET with SEVEN bedrooms and five bathrooms! Yes, you read that correctly. the first house that Robyn (and Kody) rented had more than 7,000 square feet! That dwarfed Meri’s first rental home, which had 4,250 square feet.

Robyn’s current house, aka “Brownton Abbey,” is 4,395 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Plus, there is an RV on the property that Dalton is rumored to be living in.

As stated above, Meri’s second Flagstaff home is 3,700 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. That’s just 695 square feet (and an RV) smaller than Brownton Abbey, which is pretty good for Meri considering she lives alone with a bunch of leggings!

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