Varya responds to Geoffrey Paschel appeal denial; plus her and Mary’s sentencing letters

Varya's reaction to Geoffrey Paschel's appeal being denied

As Starcasm was first to report, former 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel’s appeal of his 2022 conviction and 18-year prison sentence was denied on September 14. Aside from several unrelated Instagram story posts in the hours after the denial was announced, Geoffrey’s Russian fiancée, Varya Malina, has remained quiet on social media.

Varya returned to Instagram on Tuesday and broke her silence about finding out Geoffrey will be required to finish serving his lengthy prison sentence with no chance of parole.

“You know the devastating news: Geoffrey’s appeal was denied,” Varya captioned a video of herself laughing and having fun in Helen, Georgia. “I’m heartbroken,” she added, along with the 😔 and 💔 emoji.

Varya then announced that she wasn’t going to let the bad news prevent her from following through on her plans to travel around Oregon and charge women $2,200 to join her.

From Varya:

However, amidst the pain, I promised him and myself not to put my life on hold.

That’s why I’m still hosting a group tour to OREGON on Sept 27-Oct 1. 🌲🍂 It’s a women’s retreat where we can come together, heal, and find solace in the beauty of nature.

This retreat will be a safe space for us to connect, uplift each other, and create lasting memories. 🌸💕

If you’re looking for a getaway to rejuvenate your soul, click the link in my BIO to join the retreat.

Varya’s video:

Varya also addressed Geoffrey Paschel’s appeal denial in her Instagram stories. In her first clip, she shared a video of herself working out in the gym. “I’m back to the gym, Instagram, LIFE,” she wrote.

Her next story was this message:

Varya responds to Geoffrey Paschel's appeal denial

That was followed by a series of photos and videos along with this split-up message:

These devastating news caught me on my Day trip to GA

I planned to share tons of beautiful travel content with you

But instead I was numb from emotional pain and grief

It took me 4 days to put myself together and make a very important decision

I have to be honest with you guys. I really wanted to cancel my upcoming trip to Oregon because I couldn’t, just, effectively function. No eat, no sleep, terrible anxiety.

However guys, my personality type hates to let others down the most, so I’ve made an important decision to go on a tour, and moreover, make it a healing retreat — not only for myself, but for others who are maybe also in need.

Our adventurous team is almost assembled, but you still can reserve the last spots [The story included a “JOIN THE GROUP TOUR” link]

It’s unknown if Varya is able to visit Geoffrey in prison. She stated in January that she permanently lost visitation rights after refusing to walk through the prison’s scanner.

Varya’s letter for Geoffrey’s sentencing

Prior to Geoffrey Paschel’s sentencing in February of 2022, many people wrote letters to the judge in the case showing support for Geoffrey and asking for leniency. Below is Varya’s letter.

Dear Honorable Judge Kyle Hixson,

By means of introduction, I am Varvara Malina. I am writing to urge leniency in the sentencing of my significant other, Geoffrey Paschel.

I have known Geoffrey for the last 2.5 years. We have been through many things together, including filming a television show called 90 Day Fiancé, and we maintained a long-distance relationship that we both worked hard for.

I moved into Geoffrey’s home in December 2020. Without a doubt, it has been the happiest time in my life. Geoffrey has been nothing but caring, helpful, and kind to me. It is still extremely difficult for me to come to terms with the charges he was found guilty of. This is not the man that I know.

I would like to give you a brief perspective that shows you that he is more than the sum of the evidence you saw in a courtroom.

Geoffrey has always been there for me and my family, willing to lend a hand with everything from fixing a car to helping me with my immigration process. I honestly do not think I would have gotten through any of it without his help and guidance.

From the very beginning, Geoffrey supported my idea to join Tennessee National Guard. He helped me to prepare for the ASVAB and get in shape to pass all the requirements. Every morning, we started with a healthy breakfast he always made for us. I sincerely miss those sweet moments of happiness.

One of the main reasons I fell in love with this man is the way he is with his children. Geoffrey is an amazing dad who is very nurturing, loving, and admirable. His sons look up to him in his healthy lifestyle.

Every weekend, his boys and their friends would have a get together in our home and the home gym. While working out together, Geoffrey motivated them to achieve higher goals at school and at work.

His oldest son, Paxton, wanted to quit college several times, but Geoffrey talked him into graduating and helped with exam preparation. As a result, Paxton now has a very good career and is capable to provide a good life for himself and his pregnant wife. The motivation for this came from Geoffrey.

Geoffrey also provides and loves his other older son, Dakota, who is in college. I see how he tries to give his kids everything he was deprived of as a child and beyond. He is a good father and a good man well beyond what was heard in the court room.

To this day, Geoffrey continues to do all that is in his power to become more self-aware and in control of his actions and reactions. I know he took all the possible classes while incarcerated, including anger management, behavior change, conflict resolution and other classes. Overall he has 30 certificates of class completion.

I respectfully urge your honor for leniency in sentencing so that Geoffrey can be united with me and his family. I can assure your honor that whatever measures to ensure that Geoffrey can work on to better himself as an individual will be followed and I will be actively involved.

I strongly believe that a lesser sentence is most appropriate in this situation. Thank you for your consideration of my letter.

Varvara Malina

Mary Wallace’s letter for Geoffrey’s sentencing

Geoffrey’s ex Mary Wallace also wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency. Fans should be familiar with Mary as she made numerous appearances on the show during Geoffrey’s segments. Below is the letter from Mary.

Dear Honorable Judge Kyle Hixson,

My name is Mary Wallace I am the Assistant Manager at ***** *******. I have known Geoffrey for almost ten years. In my experience with Geoffrey, I have known him to be kind, dependable, and an extremely compassionate human being.

Geoffrey and I started out in a romantic relationship but decided we would end the romance and remain friends. During this time, I have tested his patience, pushed his buttons, and I have tested his character time and time again. Geoffrey has never exhibited malice in our relationship, only kindness and dependability.

Shorty after our breakup, I had a terrible accident where both legs were broken and I was wheelchair bound for six months. Geoffrey took it upon himself to nurse me back to health and never asked for anything in return. He provided groceries while I was recovering, ran errands, and always made sure I was without need during those long six months.

Patience and teaching moments have always been a strength with his children and even with my precocious son, ******. The relationship of Geoffrey and ****** was never of father and son, but mentor and student. I had the honor of watching Geoffrey interactions with my son and he was always patient with ****** and never lost his temper even when I had reached my breaking point as a mother. Geoffrey has this amazing ability to get on a child’s level and connect with them with the purest energy.

Knowing Geoffrey this long has allowed me to watch him grow with each life lesson he has had to encounter. During these ten years, I have been his friend through two divorces, breakups with significant others, child custody cases, and the detrimental loss of a child.

With every one of these losses, he has taken them in stride and has always been regal and learned valuable lessons with each. I have no doubt this experience he has had to endure, would be no different if given the chance.

Geoffrey is the patriarch of his family, it would be a disservice to not only him, but to his children and those that depend on him, to be sentenced the maximum amount. I would ask you to consider the above while making your decision and grant leniency in this matter. Thank you greatly for your time and attention.

Geoffrey Paschel’s victim’s statement

Kristen Wilson, Geoffrey Paschel’s former fiancée and victim of his aggravated kidnapping and brutal beating, filled out a Victim’s Impact Statement prior to Geoffrey’s sentencing.

The form asks: “What sentence do you think the court should impose? Do you favor imprisonment?” Below is Kristen’s answer.

The court should impose the maximum prison sentence. Geoffrey Paschel is a life-long criminal who believes he is above the law. He has manipulated and abused multiple women and I believe this behavior will continue when he is released. The longer he’s imprisoned, the safer society will be.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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