Kim Plath’s boyfriend Ken Palmer’s Facebook posts are sure to be controversial

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath's boyfriend Ken Palmer Facebook profile photo

Few reality show families have imploded faster than the seemingly idyllic Plaths from Welcome To Plathville! Season 5 picks up with multiple sibling squabbles as well as a pending divorce between parents, Barry Plath and Kim Plath.

While Barry looks to focus on his health by spending time in the gym, Kim is ready to move on and look for love. The Season 5 preview clips tease a new love interest for Kim, but her new boyfriend will not be news to Plathville fans who have been keeping up with the off-screen headlines.

Kim’s DUI en route to boyfriend’s house

Kim Plath was very inebriated when she decided to drive from Georgia to Florida to see her new boo, 57-year-old flight instructor Kenneth Palmer, in June of last year.

Kim got lost in Florida and eventually rolled her Chevy Suburban into a ditch. She was taken to a hospital where she submitted to a blood test.

According to an officer at the hospital, Kim “stated she did not know where she was or what road she was on when the crash occurred.”

Kim’s blood test results indicated a blood alcohol content between .161 and .162, which is more than double the Florida legal limit of .08. She was charged with DUI and found guilty in February of this year.

Kim Plath’s boyfriend Ken Palmer details

Kenneth “Ken” Palmer is a 57-year-old divorced flight instructor and airplane mechanic who lives in Crawfordville, Florida.

Ken’s divorce from his ex-wife, and mother of his three grown daughters, was finalized in February of 2020. That was not a good year for Ken, as he recapped in a 2021 New Year’s Eve Facebook post:

Well, 2020 wasn’t the best year for me. I had just gotten divorced and took on all of the bills. My business was slow due to the holidays and then Covid brought it to a screeching halt. My ex ended up with my 4Runner which I loved. I sold my Harley and guns to make ends meet (although I was thankful that I had them to sell).

2021 started out much better. Business had picked back up and I was offered a job working on airplanes again.

I’m ending 2021 on a good note. I’ve been blessed this year. I’ve replaced my losses from 2020 and so much more.

Above all though, I’ve made some really great friends this year.

I’m hoping that 2022 is a year of blessings and prosperity for all of us.

Happy New Year!

According to court documents from March of this year, Ken is currently working as a project manager for Siemens Corporation. In those same court documents, Kim lists her address as Ken’s home in Crawfordville. 👀

Kim Plath and Ken Palmer together

Kim Plath’s boyfriend Ken’s Facebook posts

Ken Palmer is about to be thrust into the national spotlight as a love interest for a central character on one of cable television’s most popular reality shows.

Fans will undoubtedly want to find out more about Kim’s new man. Of course, one of the first places they will go to satisfy their curiosity is social media. Unfortunately, many fans will likely not be happy with what they find on Ken’s Facebook page.

Being vocal about your politics in this day and age (regardless of your beliefs) is likely going to be polarizing. Ken is very vocal about his political beliefs, and is an adamant supporter of Donald Trump.

Ken is a devout Christian and firmly believes that Donald Trump embodies Christianity in a way that recent presidents Barak Obama and Joe Biden cannot. He has supported many of the beliefs associated with MAGA supporters, including being opposed to most of the COVID mandates, believing election fraud was the reason Trump lost the election, supporting the Second Amendment (Ken owns quite a few guns, including at least one automatic rifle), and opposing abortion.

Donald Trump garnered 46.8% of the popular vote in the 2020 Presidential election, so it’s clear that many of Ken’s beliefs are shared by a large percentage of Americans. Below are examples of Ken’s Facebook posts that are likely to be controversial, but not solely because of his political party or affinity for Donald Trump.

Ken has numerous posts that are racially insensitive, to say the least:

Kim Plath's boyfriend Ken Palmer Facebook post
Welcome To Plathville Kim's boyfriend Ken Palmer's controversial Facebook post Thuggies
Kim Plath boyfriend Ken Palmer's in a relationship Facebook profile photo

In this next post, Ken suggests that information about a US “secret attack on terrorists” was withheld from congress because two elected representatives, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, are Muslim.

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath's boyfriend Ken Palmer Facebook post about Muslim representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Ken shared this transgender joke, which I had to censor:

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath's boyfriend Ken Palmer shares transgender joke on Facebook

On a slightly less serious note, people will surely be giving Ken a hard time after he admitted to thinking the Bobby McFerrin song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was performed by Bob Marley:

Kim Plath's new boyfriend Ken Palmer believed Don't Worry Be Happy was performed by Bob Marley

This last one might actually cause a little tension with Kim Plath, even though she sort of burned her own house down (figuratively speaking) instead of Ken’s in order to be with him:

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath's new boyfriend Ken Palmer on Facebook

To get to know Ken Palmer a little better than you can by perusing some of his more controversial Facebook posts, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Welcome To Plathville airing Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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