Why Kim Kardashian’s bff Jonathan Cheban is suing a BBQ sauce company

The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian’s bestie Jonathan Cheban, a.k.a. Foodgod, is in a lawsuit with a Korean barbecue sauce company and Jonathan swears it’s not about the money.

Read more to find out the details of what’s really going on….

Jonathan Cheban

You may recognize Jonathan Cheban as being besties with the Kardashians. The 49 year old celeb was born in the former Soviet Union of Russian Jewish background and spent his life growing up in New Jersey.

Originally a publicist the star formed his own company, CommandPR, in 2001. Years later, in late 2019, Cheban launched the podcast Foodgod: OMFG!

He has appeared on many reality television shows, including most Kardashian spin-offs and Celebrity Big Brother 17, which he left voluntarily after a few days.


Jonathan Cheban changed his name legally to Foodgod in October 2019. It was his moniker online, operating under the @Foodgod handle for years.

Claiming to eat out 365 days a year, the foodie takes his re-brand extremely seriously:

When I decided to build a brand based on food, I really wanted people to understand that I wasn’t just somebody on a TV show who happened to have a passion for food. It’s a legitimate thing, a legitimate business, and for people to really take you seriously, you have to make drastic moves.

BBQ sauce lawsuit 

Why is Foodgod in a lawsuit with a barbecue sauce company? Turns out three years ago the influencer had a very scary issue which could have resulted in some big problems.

The reality star claims to have bought a bottle of San-J’s Korean barbeque sauce from a grocery store in Florida in October 2020 which promptly exploded.

According to TMZ:

A glass bottle he’d purchased just a few hours earlier shattered in his hand, leaving with a very serious cut. The slice was incredibly close to a major artery in his wrist, which could’ve killed him.  

The Kardashians star claims the $20M  lawsuit has nothing to do with money, and he is actually trying to protect other consumers.

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