SISTER WIVES Why does Kody call Janelle the “Teflon Queen”? John Gotti reference

Janelle Brown Teflon Queen Kody Brown

Sister Wives can be a bit frustrating because the show is so far behind that viewers know a lot more about the lives of the family than they do when we’re watching them. We’ve seen their futures and their pasts before they have. Since things went off the rails in Season 15, though, once they catch up, it can have disastrous consequences.

A huge reason why Kody and Janelle had that huge fight in Season 18, Episode 3 is because they’ve witnessed themselves saying things about themselves that they don’t like. We can get an idea of what they’ve been able to see by some of the things they reference like Kody calling Janelle “the Teflon Queen.”

Mykelti Brown has shared on her Patreon account that the parents in the Brown family all get to watch each episode before it’s approved to air. They don’t have the final say but can give their input. At the point where Kody and Janelle had their explosive argument, the episode titled “Teflon Queen” (S16, E9) had not yet aired. It debuted on January 16, 2022, and in this episode, Kody and Janelle were initially trying to make plans for Christmas 2021.

The “Teflon Queen” episode was from almost exactly a year before when they were planning Christmas 2020. Reviewing what people said behind your back a year ago must be pretty strange.

It’s safe to say that they had both seen this episode and weren’t too happy with what they had to say about each other in the confessional chair.

Why does Kody call Janelle “Teflon Queen:?

Teflon is a non-stick polymer developed in 1938. In calling Janelle a “Teflon Queen,” he appears to be making a reference to gangster John Totti’s nickname in the 1980s. He was called the “Teflon Don” after he was acquitted in three high-profile trials.

Kody uttered this metaphor during a heated exchange with his son Gabe while they were splitting wood at Coyote Pass and arguing about Covid protocols and seeing each other as a family.

At the time, Gabe had just said that his mother would be willing to risk getting Covid even if it made her very sick if it meant getting the family together. Kody countered that the decisions Janelle and Christine had made not to follow strict COVID rules were what kept the family apart.

“So, basically, it’s a blame game,” Gabe said.

“Yes, Kody responded. “And your mother is the Teflon Queen. It bounces off of her onto everybody else.” He went on to say that Janelle “screwed” him and everyone else that summer.

During Kody’s argument with Janelle in Season 18, he tells her that he calls her “The Teflon Queen” because he thinks she lies. What did she lie about? Janelle claimed that Kody had been away from her for four or five months. Kody called this an “exaggeration and a lie.”

Earlier in the argument, Janelle brought up that he called her “The Teflon Queen” because he kept blaming her for not following Covid rules. Janelle claims that he had only given them the rules in November, which is what we saw on the show. Kody argues that even though they only formerly gave the rules on a sheet of paper in November, they had been discussing the rules all along.