SISTER WIVES The fight that made Janelle Brown say ‘f*ck you’ to Kody Brown

In the explosive new season of Sister Wives, the Brown family appears to be crumbling.

See the fight between Janelle and Kody that ends in a big “f you.”

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is currently airing its explosive season 18 and it appears that everyone in the Brown family is at odds.

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The series, which originated in 2010, has followed the polygamists as they’ve added a wife and moved several times across the southwest.

Kody is currently only “married” to Robyn Brown, his fourth and newest wife. Christine Brown, wife number three, left Kody in late 2021 and has already become engaged to the “love of her life” David Woolley.

Janelle and Kody

Janelle is Kody’s second wife, and the relationship that has always been built on business, partnership and understanding. Janelle has said on several occasions that polygamy fully works for her as she enjoys the “freedom.”

Since the recording of season 18, Janelle has taken a step back from Kody. Earlier she told People Magazine that she says that she is “separated” from her husband (NOT divorced.) 

Unlike Christine, Janelle has no plans to date post-break up. In fact she said it might take her a full decade before she searches for love!

Brown couple’s explosive fight

So how did the pair end up estranged? As we are learning in clips from this week’s Sister Wives episode, Kody and Janelle had had some knockdown fights due to the disagreement between Kody and her sons.

In the clip below, Janelle and Kody Brown go back and forth, ultimately ending in storm-off, peppered with swear words.

Kody doesn’t “expect” Janelle to have his back any more or to attempt to peacefully co-parent their children. He questions “what is left?” between them before Janelle gets angry and tells Kody that he is not listening to her.

Kody flatly says that he doesn’t want to listen to her and storms out the door. Janelle promptly shouts “f*ck you” as he leaves.

Season 18 of Sister Wives is currently airing Sunday 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+ 

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