SISTER WIVES Why didn’t Kody see Savannah at Christmas?

Kody Brown was in a contentious situation with Janelle Brown and her sons for Christmas 2021 (which featured on Season 18 of Sister Wives. Still, he had no known contact with his 17-year-old daughter Savannah, his daughter with Janelle.

Kody didn’t even send Christmas presents home with her other siblings, who went to his house over Christmas but stayed with her at a holiday rental.

On Christmas Day, Kody bought his children with Robyn motorized scooters. Still, he did not seem to purchase similar items for a few of his other children who came to visit later.

Kody told the cameras he bought the bikes because he wanted to have some fun with the Coyote Pass property and exclaimed that they weren’t “even expensive.”

Robyn wasn’t very happy with the minibikes because she dislikes “motorized vehicles.” Robyn’s son Dayton permanently injured his eye in an ATV accident. She didn’t mention this as a reason why she’s wary of the vehicles, but added, “I think they’re dangerous.”

Robyn also suspected that Kody bought the scooters to “compensate” for the fact that the family was splintered for Christmas.

The year before, the entire family had successfully gotten together for Christmas. For a while, it seemed like this was going to happen again, but then a group chat between all the adult siblings went south when Robyn joined in.

Kody said that he was compartmentalized for Christmas because he wanted something special for his “loyal wife” and her children. Because of this, he blocked everything else out.

“I feel like Dad didn’t make enough of an effort this year, and maybe Robyn too,” Gabe says. He went on to say that he felt “neglected” by them.

Robyn tells a different tale. While tearing up, she says that Janelle’s boys didn’t want to see them for Christmas and that she would have done everything possible to have Christmas with them if she knew they wanted to. No word was mentioned about Savannah, however.

From the information the viewers have been given, it sounds like the whole family wanted to get together at some point and have a gift exchange. After the group chat turned nasty, Robyn informed the rest of her family that her kids didn’t feel comfortable going through with the gift exchange.

Kody says that he kept out of the situation and made no attempt to contact Janelle’s kids, including Savannah.

While Mykelti, Truely, and Ysabel were in town, they went over to Kody and Robyn’s house. Meri wasn’t aware that they were in town and only found out later from Robyn.

Janelle says that Savannah never said that she wanted to see Dad, but Kody also never called to invite her over. Janelle didn’t see it as Savannah’s place to “chase him.”

Kody called Janelle’s household the “source of his pain,” so he’s staying “present and centered” with Robyn and her kids.

In mid-January 2022, Christine came over to Janelle’s house to give her a beanbag. While there, Christine was appalled to learn that Kody did not contact Savannah or give her a gift during the entire holiday season.

The last time Savannah had heard from her dad was on her birthday, which was December 7.

While talking about it in her interview, Christine got heated. “Why are they still living here? Why? Why stay in this? Oh my God!” she says before collecting herself.

Christine even offered for Janelle to stay in the other side of the townhouse rental she was living in at the time in Utah. Janelle said she would love to go, but she couldn’t right then because Savannah still needed to finish school.

Christine is furious over the situation because she doesn’t understand why Kody doesn’t see how easy it could be for him to rectify the situation with his kids by getting in touch with them.

Kody sees that Janelle and Christine conspired together to tear his family apart. He says he hasn’t had the “emotional fortitude” to reach out to his kids, and he points out that his kids could always call him.

He says that “eventually” he will reach out to Savannah and bring her Christmas.

Savannah told Christine she was initially sad about the situation, but now she’s just angry at him.

Janelle was “floored” that he didn’t even find a way to send Savannah a gift at Christmas. She pointed out that he could have easily sent a gift home with Mykelti, Ysabel, and Truely.

Christine becomes overwhelmed with emotion as she remembers what it was like being married to Kody while also being iced out of his life, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Janelle.

She says her children felt neglected for years, and she sees it happening “all over again.”