Dalton Edgin back in jail on parole hold after assault, Haley shares statement LOVE DURING LOCKUP

Love During Lockup Haley Cole's boyfriend Dalton Edgin in jail on a parole hold

Love During Lockup Season 1 inmate Dalton Edgin is back in jail for the second time in a week.

As we were the first to report, Dalton was arrested August 25 on a charge of assault on a family member causing bodily harm. The 28-year-old posted his $3,500 bond and was released the same day.

Fast forward four days and Dalton was back in the Denton County Jail on a parole hold.

According to jail records, Dalton was booked on Tuesday. He is listed as still being in custody. There is no bond amount indicated. His two newest mug shot photos are included at the top of this article.

Dalton was on parole stemming from his convictions for felony burglary of a building and felony evading arrest. In September of 2020, Dalton was sentenced to 8 years in prison with 295 days credit for time served. His maximum time served release date was December 3, 2027.

Despite the lengthy sentence, Dalton was eligible for parole in November of 2020 — just a couple months after his sentencing. He went before the parole board in January of 2021, but he was denied.

In January of 2022, Dalton’s parole was “approved with completion of a program prior to release.” Even with the parole approval, Dalton remained behind bars for months. It’s unclear when he was actually released, but Haley Cole announced in June that she and Dalton were back together.

Did Dalton assault Haley?

Three days after Dalton’s assault arrest, Haley shared a photo of herself on Instagram and seemed to confirm in the comments that she was the alleged victim. “Single and focusing on myself and my SONshine,” Haley wrote in the caption.

“Noooooooo 😩,” someone wrote in the comments. Haley responded with: “He hit me so yesssss.”

Soon after, Haley shared a photo in her Instagram stories that appears to show a door with a hole punched in it. (Image included below.)

“Dalton was not good to me guys,” Haley wrote over top of the photo. “Oh and this is just one hole.”

Haley continued by indicating that she was previously in an abusive relationship and Dalton would be her last:

I’ve been in a similar relationship and I’m finally realizing I will no longer tolerate toxicity. I am worthy, and one day I’ll find healthy love. But this…. This isn’t.

I wish I could tell my story more. Maybe I will when time heals these wounds not only on me but my home, my family, and my life.

Love During Lockup Haley Dalton abuse photo

I have been unable to find the court case for Dalton’s assault charge, so it may be that it hasn’t officially been filed yet. (Simply being arrested for the charge would be enough to trigger a parole violation.) I will continue to monitor his case and will share any major developments.

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