Is Jessa Duggar still part of the IBLP?

Jessa Duggar Seewald spilled the tea in an Instagram AMA this week and she even went as far as to answer a question about the shamed IBLP “cult.”

Keep reading to see what the former 19 Kids and Counting star said about being a part of her parents religious organization. 

19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting was a popular reality show on TLC that followed the conservative Christian Duggars Jim Bob and Michelle along with their 19 children.

As the series went along, cameras watched as the supersized family grew up and started to form families of their own. Along with this came many siblings speaking out about what their true beliefs away from their parents really are.

Documentary exposing religious fundamentalists features Jill Dillard and Amy Duggar

For example, Jinger Vuolo moved to Los Angeles, California and wrote a tell-all memoir denouncing her family’s strict teachings. Jill Dillard went a step further and participated in a docu-series made exposing the Duggars involvement in the IBLP called Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.


The IBLP – Institute in Basic Life Principles – is a conservative set of teachings for Christians that has been under fire recently for its similarity to a cult. 

The Duggar’s cousin Amy King participated in the documentary with Jill and said that the past participants in the IBLP are “victims” and true “survivors.”

The organization was run by Bill Gothard until he was removed as a leader due to sexual harassment charges. According to many who were a part of the religious group, sexual assault was a prevalent part of operations.

IBLP cult survivor names Duggar associate David Waller as ‘assistant groomer’ to Bill Gothard

The group has an additional homeschooling curriculum which the younger Duggar’s still participate in.

Is Jessa in the IBLP?

During an Instagram AMA one fan was bold enough to ask Jessa Duggar Seewald whether or not she was still a follower of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Though Jessa doesn’t speak out as often as some of her other siblings, Seewald decided to answer this hot question once and for all.

With a simple “No, we do not” ending in a period, Jessa solidifies that she and her husband Ben are NOT raising their kids in the same teachings as Jessa grew up in. 

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