PLATHVILLE Olivia: Kim signed Ethan up for MLM when he was a minor

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Olivia Plath has taken to TikTok to elaborate on her accusation of credit card fraud against Kim Plath. Moriah and Micah Plath have accused Olivia of making up the story to make their mother, Kim, look bad, but Ethan has said the story is true. Now, Olivia is giving details, and it involves an MLM.

Moriah said on a recent episode of Welcome to Plathville that she believed the “credit card story” was a fabrication on Olivia’s part to help her deal with “her big emotions.”

When the episode aired showing Olivia talking about the credit card issue, Moriah moved out of the home she shared with Olivia and Ethan while they were traveling in Europe, and ended her friendship with Olivia.

Moriah also published a “family statement” on her Instagram account showing support for her mom in light of Olivia’s accusation. She said that there was “more to the story,” and that Ethan and his mom had a “business venture” that Ethan profited from.

On a recent episode Kim Plath has also claimed that Ethan made a “paycheck” from the situation and that they have dealt with it privately.

Moriah went on to accuse Olivia of stealing Moriah’s music and the money made from the music, but Olivia has cleared up that she set it up so that the money went to Moriah’s bank account.

Olivia said Moriah asked her to help her publish the music because she didn’t know how to do it, so that’s why it was on Olivia’s account.

Olivia explained the credit card accusation in detail on a TikTok video published September 20, 2023.

She said that she spoke about the credit card situation in the confessional interview chair because both producers and other people in her life wanted to know why she didn’t want a relationship with “a certain person,” meaning Kim Plath.

She went on to say that Kim signed Ethan up as a downline for the Young Living MLM when he was still a minor teenager. At the time, Olivia claims he didn’t even have access to a computer and wasn’t allowed to know the passwords for his accounts.


Setting some details straight regarding a story I shared in a interview last year about “credit card fraud.”

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Olivia says that she was flabbergasted that the other people in her life, possibly meaning Moriah and Micah, didn’t understand why she didn’t want to be associated with Kim, and that she has 100s of stories she’s kept private because they seemed “so explosive.”

She told the credit card story because the “dysfunction” of the family had been broadcast for years at that point. She decided to pick one of the stories to publicly share to help illustrate that dysfunction.

However, she didn’t expect the backlash she was going to get for sharing this story. Still, she doesn’t regret doing it. She quoted author Anne Lamott’s adage: “If people wanted you to talk more warmly about them, they should have treated you better.”

Olivia’s story

Please note that the following narrative is from Olivia’s point-of-view.

As stated above, according to Olivia, Ethan was signed up to be Kim Plath’s downline when he was about 16 or 17 and had no access to a computer or his financial accounts.

He also wasn’t allowed to purchase toiletries from the store, he was only allowed to purchase these items from Young Living, which Kim ordered for him.

His account was set to auto ship hygiene products every month. Not only that, but Olivia says that Kim would go on Ethan’s account and make large purchases to help elevate her in the MLM structure. Since Ethan was in her “downline,” any purchases he made on his account would help her move up to a higher pay structure and have access to more bonuses.

Olivia says that in return, Kim offered to pay for half of the purchases she made on his account. The purchase amounts were reportedly “a couple hundred dollars” each month, and Kim would pay him back in cash.

Once Ethan and Olivia got married when she and Ethan were both 20 years old, “shit hit the fan” within only a week when he was set to get his next auto-shipment of $70 worth of products.

Olivia asked Ethan if he still wanted the items, and he told her “absolutely not,” and wanted to stop the auto shipment since he was now a married adult.

The only problem was that Ethan didn’t know his password, so Olivia called Kim to get it. Once she logged in Olivia discovered a lot more purchases than just the toiletries auto-ship. She found large orders for makeup and protein drinks that definitely weren’t coming to him.

When she discussed this with Ethan, he told Olivia about the “business arrangement” he had with his mother where she would pay him back for half of the stuff she purchased on his account. That left the other half of the money not reimbursed and a lot of the products purchases (the ones that weren’t his toiletries) not going to him.

Olivia told Ethan that this looked like stealing to her, and she says a “light bulb” went off for him at that point.

Once Olivia changed the password to Ethan’s account, she got a call from Kim asking for the password. When Olivia wouldn’t give it to her, Kim asked Olivia to meet her at their house in town “in fifteen minutes.”

When Olivia got to the house both Kim and Barry where there, and they spent 30 minutes trying to convince Olivia to give them the password. They said that Olivia was standing in their way of parenting their children and helping them out.

Part of Kim’s agreement with Ethan was that he would accumulate points from the purchases that he could redeem for free product, but Olivia found that Kim had already redeemed all of the points Ethan had accumulated.

Olivia says she pointed out to Kim that she was going against Young Living guidelines with Ethan’s account because you’re not allowed to have “financial investment in more than one account.” When Olivia threatened to report Kim for that, Kim blew up at Olivia and stormed out of the house.

Olivia then went home and sat down with Ethan to add up all the purchases that Kim had mad on his account that he had not been reimbursed for. Olivia made an invoice for around $900 dollars and gave her 45 days to pay it. She also included a printed out copy of Young Living’s guidelines stating that one individual couldn’t have financial investment in more than one account.

Kim didn’t pay the invoice, but Olivia says she did tell people in their small town that Olivia was suing them for “trying to help their kids out.”

This happened in between filming season one and season two of the Welcome to Plathville show, and Kim was saying that she couldn’t continue on until Olivia stopped “suing” her. This caused show executives to call Olivia and ask her to be “the bigger person.”

Olivia refused to let it go, so after 45 days Ethan’s parents called Olivia to tell her that they would pay her, but she had to go to their house to get the check.

When Barry handed Ethan the check he reported said, “Have a nice life living in bondage.”

Olivia iterates that she has more stories like this and is now “grateful to be removed from that environment.”