SOUTHERN CHARM Madison LeCroy on A-Rod cheating scandal ‘Thank goodness my husband doesn’t have social media’

Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm was asked about her previous cheating scandal that broke up Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

Read more to see how she reacted – and why she’s glad her husband “doesn’t have social media.”

A-Rod, JLo and Madison 

Madison LeCroy is credited by many as breaking up the celebrity power couple that included singer Jennifer Lopez and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. 

The pair, who were together since 2017, ended their infamous engagement because of rumors that Rodriguez had slid into LeCroy’s DM’s looking for a hook up.

Madison spoke out, telling Page Six:

He’s never physically cheated on his fiancée with me. I don’t want anything bad for his family, or for mine. We are definitely innocent in this.

Madison asked about A-Rod

In the video below you can watch a snippet of the interview where Brice Sandler from Entertainment Tonight confronts LeCroy about the alleged affair. 

Sandler: All this attention was coming. Brett enters your life. How did he feel about, kind of, you are all over the tabloids for a minute!

LeCroy: Yeah. Thank goodness, um so, my husband doesn’t have social media, he’s not really into all that which is so good. He didn’t really know – I kind of told him at the very beginning cuz he does come from a Mormon background and I knew that could be an issue. He was like “wait you’re that girl?” And I was like “oh sh*t, hopefully he’ll just fall in love with the charm.” 

Sandler: Well I think it all worked out for you. Did you ever get a gift basket from JLo?

LeCroy: (laughs) No. But she did – or she didn’t but someone invited me to one of her events for one of her products and I said “I think we should double check on that. That email wasn’t meant for me.”

We are glad that Madison has moved on from the scandal and that Brett doesn’t seem to care about his wife’s torrid past!

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