90 Day Fiancé influencer Sophie and actor Rob details

90 Day Fiance Rob is an actor and Sophie is an influencer who may have had an Onlyfans?

TLC just dropped the first preview trailer for 90 Day Fiancé Season 10, which is set to premiere Sunday, October 8 at 8/7c!

Among the seven couples revealed in the trailer and the network’s press release announcing the new season are 23-year-old Sophie Sierra and her fiancé, 32-year-old Robert Warne.

Sophie is from the United Kingdom, and Rob is living in Los Angeles at the time of filming. Here’s the couple’s official bio blurb from the press release:

When Rob and Sophie first met on social media, the attraction was immediate. It wasn’t long before they saw each other in person and decided to make their relationship official.

Rob comes from a humble background, while Sophie has enjoyed the finer things in life. When she comes to the U.S. on the K1 visa to be with Rob, things don’t exactly go as planned when Sophie sees that the conditions, she’s going to be living in with Rob are far from the idyllic Los Angeles life she’d imagined for herself.

90 Day Fiancé Sophie and Rob details

We did some research on Sophie and Rob and can fill in some information not included in the trailer or the couple’s bio.

Rob has a couple YouTube channels with bios describing himself as an actor. One of which states: “Actor, Model, Dancer living in LA doing cool sh*t!”

Rob has several siblings, and he has numerous posts praising his mother, Andrea. His family is from the Kansas City, Missouri area. I don’t have any additional details on his “humble background.”

Sophie Sierra (aka Sophie Cheshire) details

Sophie is an influencer from the United Kingdom who has built a rather large following online with photos of herself looking almost anatomically impossible.

90 Day Fiance Sophie Cheshire

Sophie’s Instagram account, which has more than 133,000 followers, is chock full of eye- and bra-popping pics of Sophie. However, her feed doesn’t include the super extreme hourglass photos like the ones above. Here are a couple of her IG galleries:

It’s very difficult to track down an unedited, full-body photo of Sophie. When Sophie poses with friends, she is always careful to at least hide her famously tiny waist. I did find this photo with Rob, taken in Mexico and posted to Instagram in January of 2021:

Photos of Sophie from 90 Day Fiance without a filter or Photoshop

There are numerous references online to Sophie having an Onlyfans account, but the accounts have since been deleted and it’s unclear if they were actually her. There are still some images floating around that do appear to be Sophie, and they are branded with an Onlyfans url. I don’t believe any of the images show anything more than very partial nudity.

What’s interesting is that Sophie has gone through a couple rebrandings over the years. She has previously gone by Sophie London and Sophie Cheshire. A couple of the purported Onlyfans accounts attributed to her are @itssophiecheshire and @sophiecheshire. (Please note that @sophiecheshirex does not appear to be her.)

Sophie made the change from Sophie Cheshire to Sophie White (another last name used by Rob) to Sophie Sierra within the past few months. I believe that Sophie Cheshire is/was her actual name.

What’s interesting is that Sophie’s mother has followed suit by changing her online presence from Claire Cheshire to Claire Sierra.

Are Rob and Sophie married? How long have they been dating? Why are there photos of them in Los Angeles together in 2019? Stay tuned for our next Rob and Sophie post!

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