How tall are the male stars of Southern Charm?

We are breaking down the height chart for all the hotties of Southern Charm on Bravo. Who is the tallest Charmer? Austen Kroll? Shep Rose? Craig Conover?

Keep reading to find out…

Southern Charm

Southern Charm is reality tv show on Bravo that follows wealthy socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. Not only are most of them millionaires, but a lot of the guys are very tall.

Fans online love debating who is hot and not on the cast, but one thing that may entice them more is knowing the heights of the Charmers. They definitely grow them big in the south!

Read below to see how tall the hotties of Charleston are:

How tall is the cast of Southern Charm?

Austen Kroll – 6’5″

So many fans ask what the women of Southern Charm see in Austen Kroll. It’s possible that it is his extremely tall height that gets them going?

Austen has spoken about his height before, confirming that he’s a whopping 6’5″. We hate to say it but… yum!

Shep Rose – 6’5″

Shep Rose is tied with Kroll for the tallest Charmer, but Austen has commented before that Shep is just a smidge shorter than him. Of course.

Who is telling the truth? Let a photo help you decide:

Craig Conover – 6’3″

Craig Conover is taken by Summer House it-girl Paige DeSorbo, but his height is still pretty impressive all things considered. Coming in just a hair under Austen and Shep, Conover is an attractive 6’3″.

Whitney Sudler-Smith – 6′ (edit: 6’2″?)

Whitney Sudler-Smith is by far the shortest Southern Charm man, but lucky for him he still clocks in at over 6 feet tall. Must be how he caught the attention of both Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo…

EDIT: Sudler-Smith reached out to Starcasm to confirm that his height is actually 6’2″. Of course it is, Whitney! 😉

Do the heights of the men of Southern Charm change their perceived hotness level? We think maybe yes!

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