TEEN MOM Courtland Rogers absconds from parole weeks after reported overdose

Courtland Rogers absconded from parole after overdoase

Less than a month after Courtland Rogers suffered an apparent overdose, he has been reported for absconding from his parole.

Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband was released from jail on July 24, stemming from his arrest for assault by strangulation in September of last year. After his release, 37-year-old Courtland was placed on three years of supervised custody, ending in July of 2026.

Earlier today, Courtland’s custody status was updated to being an absconder. This most likely means Courtland did not report to his probation officer.

It’s unclear when Courtland missed his appointment, but the violation was first reported earlier today.

It doesn’t appear Courtland has made any social media posts since he updated his Facebook profile picture to an image of a Lamborghini on September 18.

UPDATE – Courtland returned to Instagram the day after his status was changed to abscondee to share a selfie with his dog:

UPDATE – Courtland was arrested and booked into Brunswick County Jail for failure to appear on October 5.

Courtland Rogers overdose and 911 call

TMZ broke the news that Courtland reportedly overdosed on August 28. According to the 911 call, Courtland Roger’s wife, Lindsey Rogers, returned home to find Courtland locked in the bathroom, making “gurgling” sounds.

It’s unclear if Courtland was living with Lindsey at the time of the incident. Lindsey was the victim of Courtland’s alleged strangulation, so I would assume that part of Courtland’s parole restrictions is limited contact with her?

Here is the audio of the call followed by a transcript:

LINDSEY: Um, me and my kids just got, just got home and, um, my husband was in the bathroom and the door was locked and I could hear him gurgling. So I tried to beat on the door. I got the door handle [Lindsey is very short of breath] and I think he’s, um, overdosed or something. And he’s on the toilet naked. [Not to 911 operator] Come on baby! [Speaking to operator again] I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been through this.

911 OPERATOR: Okay, I’m sending paramedics to help you now — stay on the line with me, okay?

LINDSEY: [Breathing very heavily]

911: Are you able to get to him? Are you right by him?

LINDSEY: Yeah, I broke in the door, yeah.

911: Carefully lay him flat on his back on the floor and remove anything under his head, okay?

LINDSEY: Okay. Hold on. [Lindsey is indecipherable as she struggles to remove Courtland from the toilet] Ma’am? [Yells to Courtland] Courtland wake up, please! [Back to the operator] Can you hear me?

911: I can hear you.

LINDSEY: Yeah. Okay. He’s too heavy. He’s on the toilet. I don’t see nothing.

911: Okay. Is there any NARCAN available?

LINDSEY: Do what?

911: Is there any NARCAN available?

LINDSEY: No. I never…that stuff. C’mon Courtland wake up! Don’t die on me!

911: Ma’am?


911: Put your hand on his forehead, your other hand under his neck, then tilt the head back.


911: Now pinch his nose closed and completely cover his mouth with your mouth, then blow two regular breaths into the lungs about one second each. The chest should rise with each breath. Do you feel the air going in and out?


911: Okay. Place the heel of your hand on the breastbone in the center of the chest right between the nipples and put your hand on top of that hand. I need you to pump the chest hard and fast 30 times, at least twice per second and two inches deep, OK? Let the chest come all the way up between pumps. Count out loud so I can count with you.

LINDSEY: [Indecipherable in the distance]

911: Ma’am?


911: Okay, start counting out loud now, alright?

LINDSEY: [Indecipherable in the distance] …they coming? Where are they?

911: They’re on the way.

LINDSEY: Please Go help me! [Indecipherable] C’mon! Where’s the —

911: Ma’am, paramedics are dispatched. They are on the way.

LINDSEY: [Indecipherable]

911: Is the door unlocked?

LINDSEY: Yes, the door’s unlocked.

911: Okay.

LINDSEY: Where are they?

911: They’re pulling in. They’re almost there. One, two, three, four —

LINDSEY: OK, they’re here.

911: They’re here with you?

LINDSEY: They’re here! They’re here! [to her kids I assume] Guys, go outside right now.

911: Do not stop CPR — do not stop CPR until a paramedic takes over. Do not stop mouth-to-mouth.

LINDSEY: Okay. Yeah, they’re here. [indecipherable]

911: Okay.

LINDSEY: Okay, they’re here.

Courtland Rogers drug addiction issues

Courtland has struggled with drug addiction his entire adult life, including the few months he spent getting high with Jenelle. He shared a lengthy Facebook post in July of 2019 detailing his struggles, which (at the time) included five overdoses and 17 stints in rehab.

Here are a few excerpts from Courtland’s post:

I have been to prison 4 separate times for months and FOR YEARS and I have been thru 17 … SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT TREATMENT CENTERS(Rehabs) matter of fact between rehabs and jails and prisons I have lost almost 7 years of my life/freedom 7 years I have been without my family been without my friends been without my heart!!! I am 33 years old and have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR MYSELF I LITERALLY OWN 20 shirts 4 pairs of shorts and 5 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes and a car !!! That’s all I own in my 33years of being on this earth!!! That’s all I got to my name!! And it is nobody’s fault but my own!!! I know that! Tho it’s hard as fck to digest I get it down ….

I have literally thrown away 3 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR A GOD D*MN HIGH and the worst part of it all…. I DIDNT care while it was going on I NEVER KNEW IT WOULD END UP SO BAD … I knew but I didn’t believe .. I mean I’ve seen FRIENDS, REAL FRIENDS LAYING IN CASKETS I have watched dirt get thrown on people I loveds caskets and I have witnessed death myself thru 5 separate overdoses …. I HAVE OVERDOSED 5 timessssss FIVE TIMESSSSSSSSSSSS

I AM NOT LUCKY I AM NOT FORTUNATE I am not the best and I am FOR SURE NOT AN ANGEL … my last overdOse was the worst yet I went into seizures and bit my tongue 14 times before completely going out…. if a guy I was using with at the time WOULDNT of been there I wouldn’t b here today I wouldn’t be alive I mean BY THE GRACE OF GOD there was someone there with me and narcan was available he had to hit me twice with the narcan for me to come back … u know the craziest part about that specific overdose ??? I had just found out that a friend of mine had passed away from the same drug that almost took my life..the same TYPE OF BAGS OF DOPE THAT killed him I went and got because for some insane reason I thought “well if it killed him it’s f**king good as f**k” so I actually found someone with the same stamped bags and did One (1) AT THAT TIME IN MY LIFE I WAS UP TO 4-5 bags at a time but being this was the kind that killed my friend I did ONE to see where it got me and I swear to god that one bag did it… I died that day … that was the fifth overdose MY LAST overdose …

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