LAST RESORT Kalani can’t forgive Asuelu for cheating on her the whole time

On The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata is so disgusted by her husband Asuelu Pulaa’s cheating that she can’t even fathom being intimate with him anymore. Asuelu wants hope that things can improve, but Kalani’s holding years of resentment that she can’t let go of because Asuelu has been cheating on her the entire time they’ve been together.

During Season 1, Episode 6, Dr. Jason Anthony Pendergast met with Kalnai and Asuelu for a night counseling session. During their talk Dr. Jason suggested said that Kalani needs more time to get over things, but Kalani isn’t so sure. She says she’s had years of time and still doesn’t forgive Asuelu for cheating on her from the beginning.

This is the first the 90 Day Fiancé audience has learned that Asuelu has been cheating on Kalani ever since the start of their relationship. Kalani says Asuelu cheated when they were dating, cheated when she was pregnant, and then cheated three years later.

Because he’s established this pattern, she finds it hard to be forgiving and move on.

Why did Kalani stay with Asuelu so long?

Through tears, Kalani explains that she stayed with Asuelu despite the constant cheating because she was pregnant and had the belief that they would always be together.

“I just never wanted this to happen,” she says about having her feelings for Asuelu die.


How did Kalani find out Asuelu was cheating most recently?

Asuelu’s most recent cheating happened when he went to visit his family in Samoa. While there, he went out drinking a lot.

One day during one of their video chats, Asuelu showed Kalani his white tongue, and she determined that it was probably a yeast infection he got from kissing someone or performing an oral sexual act.

Asuelu then confessed that he had kissed someone else, but did not kiss them “down there.” This person did go “down there” with Asuelu, however.

The Hall Pass

Because of this betrayal, Asuelu gave Kalani a hall pass, and she accepted. She started chatting with someone else, which led to a sexual relationship that was more satisfying to her than the one she has with Asuelu.

Now, she cannot think of intimacy with Asuelu without imagining him with someone else, which she finds to be a huge turn off.

She says she’s blocked the other guy, but has lied to Asuelu about not picturing this man while she has intimate time with herself.

Kalani is now disgusted with Kalani

Kalani has said multiple times this season that she is no longer attracted to Asuelu. At best, she sees Asuelu as a friend.

Asuelu wants hope

After their beach therapy session, Asuelu was in tears. “I feel like I’ve done a lot of bad things in our relationship,” he says. “And I really want to work on myself and I need to treat my wife better.”