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EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He Tied Me up, Too’ Serial rapist James Bergstrom’s wife Linda tells her story

Over a 2-year time period, James Bergstrom raped at least five women, including a 15-year-old old, and attacked at least 35.
When Linda met James Bergstrom when she was 20 years, she thought he was a nice Catholic boy. Her family had a problem with him calling the house incessantly, but Linda didn’t see that as a red flag at the time.

TRUE CRIME Did Kaitlin Armstrong get plastic surgery in Costa Rica?

On May 11, 2022 yoga instructor Kaitlyn Armstrong gunned down pro cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Austin, TX because Moriah had dated Kaitlynn’s boyfriend Colin Strickland, another pro-cyclist, during a break in their relationship. After Moriah’s slaying, Kaitlyn disappeared for 43 days and somehow managed to escape the country and make an effort to drastically change her appearance.

EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He should have died sooner’ – Killer George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers thinks he may have killed more people

George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers says he took his secrets to the grave in Season 12, Episode 1 of Evil Lives Here. Although he was convicted of killing two of his friends in 2020, Jennifer believes he could have killed more people and she thinks she could have been his next target.

DEAD ASLEEP Randy Herman Jr is engaged! See fiancée Nicole’s ring, plus more details

The sleepwalking killer from the Hulu documentary Dead Asleep is engaged! Randy Herman, Jr. is currently serving a life sentence in Florida, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding love. He recently proposed to his girlfriend Nicolle Ellen, and she said “yes.” Keep reading for all the details, including photos of Nicole’s ring, Randy’s post-proposal message to his fiancée, and video of Nicole getting a “Randy” tattoo.