Cleveland kidnap victim Michelle Knight is married! Meet her husband Miguel

There’s finally a happy ending for Cleveland kidnap victim Michelle Knight. The resilient women announced on a taping of Dr. Phil set to air April 24th that she got married two years ago.

“It’s so good to see you… I got really good news for you,” the 36-year-old tells Dr. Phil in a preview clip provided to The Daily Mail. “Dr. Phil, I am married.”

She beamed from ear-to-ear as the audience clapped and cheered for her. She provided Dr. Phil with some photos from her wedding day. Both Michelle and her husband Mario (39) wore white on their special day May 2016.

Michelle has worked closely with Dr. Phil since she and two other young women were discovered after being help captive in a man named Ariel Castros house for years. Michelle has spoken openly about the horror she experienced and how difficult it has been for her the heal from the trauma she endured. She now has a second book out about her journey to recover and move on called Life After Darkness: My Journey To Happiness.

She has officially changed her name to Lily Rose to help her move on but she still writes under the name Michelle Knight. Her last memoir, Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings came out in 2014.

In it, she described how she ran into Castro while going to a foster care appointment in an attempt to get back custody of her two-year-old son, Joey. Castro was one of her friends’ father, so she trusted him. He lured her into his house to look at puppies and she didn’t see the light of day for another 11 years. In the next few years Castro kidnapped two other girls, Amanda Berry and Georgina DeJesus.

The girls were able to escape May 6, 2013 when Amanda Berry seized a rare opportunity to get near a door to scream for help. Thankfully neighbors heard her and this nightmare chapter of their lives had come to an end. It’s great to see Michelle find happiness and love after going through so much.