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TRUE CRIME The Turpin children went from one house of horrors to another

The nightmare for the 13 Turpin children wasn’t over when they were rescued from their parents’ house of torture in January 2018. All children were traumatized and woefully unprepared for the world, including the adults, but the minor children still needed caregivers. Now we have learned that five of the minor children were transferred to the home of a predator where two of the children were sexually abused, and another child not related to the Turpins was given sleeping pills and forced to stand for hours as punishment.

DATELINE Hit List – Cop Valerie Cincinelli tried to get her boyfriend to kill her husband

John DiRubba says he fell in love at first sight with NYPD police officer Valerie Cincinelli, who was 20 years his junior. The fact that she was married didn’t bother him because Valerie told John her husband Isaiah Carvalho was a bad guy. Things escalated to devastating levels when Valerie tried to convince John DiRubbia to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

DATELINE ‘In the light of day’ Who killed Lee Radder?

Over a decade later there are still questions about the 2010 shooting death of Norman “Lee” Radder. Lee died from a gunshot wound to the eye from his step-father-in-law Robert Fischer’s gun after a night of drinking. Prosecutors argued that Robert killed Lee and then staged Lee’s death as a suicide and Robert Fischer was convicted of Lee’s death in 2013. That conviction, however, was overturned in November 2021 on the ground of “interest of justice.” What really happened to Lee Radder?

Inside Apple ‘iPhone designer’ Ana Arriola’s short stint at Theranos

After Ana Arriola left Theranos they’ve gone on to work with Meta (Facebook,) Sony, Samsung, Playstation, and Microsoft. At the time they started working at Theranos, however, they’d made the bold decision to leave Apple and a whopping 15,000 shares of Apple stock. Once they came on to Theranos, they eventually realized that the product at the heart of Theranos, the Edison machine that Ana had been tasked with improving the design of, didn’t work. They were just one of many powerful and influential people duped by Elizabeth’s aggressive drive to succeed at any cost.

How serial killer Dorothea Puente got away with murdering Ruth Monroe

Serial killer Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house in the 1980s that housed homeless and mentally ill people. She got them to sign over their social security checks to her in exchange for room and board and then systematically drugged, killed them, and buried them in her backyard. Since no one ever checked on most of her victims she was able to kill them and still collect their checks. Before she embarked on this deadly scheme, Dorothea had gotten away with murdering her friend Ruth Monroe.

EVIL LIVES HERE What If He Gets Out? Sister of Jesse Winnick fears for her life after he murdered their mom

Amy Chesler describes her murderer brother Jesse Winnick as a “ball of spite” who has “infinite hatred. He gained so much joy out of other people’s fear and pain.” He had intentions to kill Amy and still does. She’s terrified now that he’s up for parole for the 2007 killing of their mother Hadas Winnick.

EVIL LIVES HERE – ‘Locked in the Closet’ Mary Rowles and Alice Jenkins forced kids to eat feces

Jesse Rowles endured horrific abuse as a child from his own mother and is now speaking out about it on Evil Lives Here. One of the physical scars from his abuse came from the time his mom stabbed him with a fork for eating his spaghetti too loud. Jesse says he remembers that his mom was slurping her spaghetti loudly too, but when he did it she was infuriated to the point of violence. He now has a bandaid and a message of forgiveness tattooed on top of the scar.

KILLER COUPLES Donna Moonda lived a double life that ended in murder

On May 13, 2005 69-year-old urologist Gulam Moonda was shot dead in his golden Jaguar on Ohio Turnpike in Cuyahoga County, Ohio while his wife and mother-in-law were in the car. They were carrying $4000 in cash and Gulam’s wife Donna had stopped at an emergency pullout to change drivers after only driving for an hour of their road trip. It was during this brief stop that a masked gunman approached the car and asked Gulam for money. Although he handed over his wallet, the man fired right away, killing him.

DATELINE Evil Paid a Visit – Donna Palomba’s terrifying home invasion sexual assault wasn’t taken seriously for over a decade

For a while, Donna Palomba stayed anonymous regarding her September 11, 1993, sexual assault in her own home by a masked assailant. She had gone to the police as a “Jane Doe,” but they weren’t exactly on her side and all the people in her community thought she was lying about the horrible attack in order to cover up an affair. Eventually, Donna got justice for her terrifying assault and came out of hiding, but it took years of vigilance.