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DATELINE ‘Horror at the Lake’ The axe murder of Denise Hallowell

On July 13, 2019, 57-year-old teacher Denise Hallowell was found dead with an axe in her head by her adopted son Carlos Hallowell. When 17-year-old Carlos called the police he told them that he and his mother had attended a funeral that day, and returned home between 2 and 3 p.m. and that he had discovered her body after their barking dogs woke him up from a nap.


EVIL LIVES HERE Craig Thrift fed his cousin Terry Rouse to gators to collect a life insurance policy

At the beginning of “He Fed Him to Gators” (Episode 13, Season 10) of Evil Lives Here Robyn Barry puts a VHS videotape in to watch a night with her ex-husband Craig Thrift from April 17, 2002. “As much as memories are nice, sometimes they hurt,” she says. As she watches the video she sees his face change in an instant, just like she remembered.


Real Murders of Orange County – Who killed Jane Carver?

On June 10, 1995, 46-yer-old Jane Carver, a well-loved flight attendant with a sparkling personality and two sons was gunned down by an unknown man on her morning run. There were witnesses across the street who saw everything. While they didn’t know who the man was, they found him to be eerily calm. Her husband Al came outside when he heard sirens coming and saw his wife’s body from his doorway. Who killed Jane Carver?

THE TOOLBOX KILLER Why criminologist Laura Brand was on the phone with serial killer during labor

Criminologist Laura Brand considers Larry Bittaker to be the most sadistic serial killer in U.S. history. She fought to get in communication with him so she could better understand his psychology, and so she could hopefully find clues about where some of his victims bodies that were never found are. Her quest for answers led her to develop a strong friendship with Bittaker. When she got pregnant, he expressed a strong interest in her pregnancy and new baby to the point where the sadistic rapist killer was on the phone with her when she gave birth to her child.