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VIDEO Street Preacher Jordan Reichenberger claims he was drugged and indoctrinated by The Church of Wells ‘cult’

Friday's episode of Dr. Phil showcased the story of Jordan Reichenberger, a 27-year-old street preacher who disappeared off the streets of Austin on Halloween night 2016. His concerned family found Jordan days later in the small town of Wells TX, where the church is located. Residents of the town say it's a regular occurrence for the families of young adults to come there searching for their loved ones.

What is the Church of Wells? Small town ‘cult’ accused of drugging, manipulating members

In recent years, a few reports have emerged about the controversial practices of a small East Texas church that ex-members refer to as a “cult.” The next two episodes of The Dr. Phil Show feature ex-members and their families describing what they went through. One man who appears on the episode airing today, entitled “Accusations of Drugging and Indoctrination: One man’s days inside the controversial Church of Wells,” claims he was “habitually drugged.”

Addicted to Live Streaming? YouTube’s Truthfully Trisha on Dr. Phil

Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil deals with the antics of “Truthfully” Trisha Kirley: a woman who live streams her entire life at the cost of almost everything else in a bid to become YouTube famous. Her streaming habits over the past year have led to her making quite a few enemies and stirred up turmoil in her family. She’s very open about having multiple mental and physical illnesses like fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder, and is adamant that her constant streaming helps shed an honest light on what’s its like to live with these disorders. Her detractors say her online behavior is putting herself and others in danger.