Is Rod Demery running for mayor of Shreveport?

Murder Chose Me‘s Rod Demery is a legendary figure in Shreveport, Louisiana, thanks to his superhuman success as a homicide detective. Lately, Rod’s been weighing the “dilemma” of “where he would be most effective” with his efforts at improving the city — but is Rod Demery running for mayor of Shreveport?

The notion may sound like a reality TV stunt, but Detective Demery has deep roots in Shreveport, where he’s almost as well-known for community outreach as he is for obtaining a confession in 100% of the homicide cases where he was the lead investigator. (Click here for our extensive FAQ on Rod Demery, detailing everything from his mother’s tragic murder to his time in the Navy and the inner workings of Murder Chose Me.)

In fact, when we spoke with Murder Chose Me star John Nicholson (who portrays Demery on the show) for our Season 2 preview, he told us that getting to spend time with Demery in Shreveport itself meant being recognized by a constant stream of well-wishers — all of whom wanted to say hello to the good detective.

“When I hang with Rod in Shreveport,” Nicholson explained, “it’s like being with rock star: everyone knows him, wants to come over and say hello or have their photo taken with him….Rod is an amazing cop and a really good human being.”

The first public mention of Rod Demery as a potential mayoral candidate came this past January, in a Shreveport Times feature on the upcoming race.

Of the four possible candidates mentioned in the article, only one had actually announced a campaign. But that one was Ollie Tyler, the city’s current mayor, who’s seeking re-election.

Of Demery, the Times said simply that he’s “considering a bid for mayor.” (The Times article also pointed out that, of the four potential candidates, Demery is the sole Republican.)

Demery himself didn’t address the rumors until a few weeks later, in a long and thoughtful Facebook post on February 12th. Among the post’s many noteworthy statements was the following decidedly populist call-to-arms. If you’re a cynic, you might come away from it thinking that the question “Is Rod Demery running for mayor of Shreveport” is merely rhetorical. And if you’re an optimist, you might be stirred to action, whether you live in Shreveport or not:

The question isn’t whether or not I am running for mayor. I won’t nominate myself, sell myself or promote myself for any position of leadership; the people make their choice, it’s their government, not mine or anyone else’s seeking to lead. I won’t and no one else should decide if they want to lead; leaders are chosen by the favor of God and the understanding of man….If I am to run for mayor, the people will make it abundantly clear and likewise should be for anyone else who will run. The clue; no one should have to force, sell, or persuade their leadership skills upon the people that actually chose leaders. A leader of people need not promise they are one of selfless sacrifice, everyone should know that they are; the least among us should know that they are. When and if the people call and God instructs, that leader will obey.

Shortly after that update, we asked Rod if he felt that being the city’s mayor was the best way for him to do the most help for Shreveport.

“My dilemma — where would I be most effective — is exactly the reason I haven’t completely decided on a run,” he told us. “My dilemma is exactly the reason I haven’t completely decided on a run….Grassroots inspiration defined the success of my police career. God give us the voice and platform for the voiceless, we only need speak it credibly, consistently, and sincerely.

“I actually mean it,” he added, “and have demonstrated it so much that, very few in the city doubt it.”

Rod has also made a second public statement, again on his Facebook page, clarifying a couple of details about his personal life that “he was told may come up” and that could be politically disadvantageous.

To accusations that he’s a “deadbeat dad” who owes back payments of child support, Rod — who’s twice divorced — said he’s “never missed a payment and I actually think the system is necessary. I can’t think of a better investment than my children actually eating.”

Rod also said the claims that he owes back taxes are “absolutely true.” He explained that since he’s been paying child support for two decades, “50% of my disposable income [has been] garnished….I owed [the tax] and thank God I got to a position where I could begin to pay it. Refusing to pay is a far cry from can’t pay, even the government realizes that.”

So — is Rod Demery running for mayor? He’s got some time to make up his mind: according to, the filing deadline for the Shreveport mayor’s race is Friday, July 20th.

While we wait to see whether Rod throws his hat into this particular ring, we can pass the time with new episodes of the TV series that serves as his current day job. Murder Chose Me Season 2 premieres tonight and airs Wednesdays at 10 on Investigation Discovery.

(Photo credits: Is Rod Demery running for mayor via Facebook, Investigation Discovery)

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