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The true story of The Good Father: Michele MacNeill Murder

Lifetime’s latest true crime movie adaptation, The Good Father is about the April 11, 2007 murder of Michele MacNeill. 50-year-old Michele had gotten some plastic surgery, and had no idea that her doctor husband Martin MacNeill was plotting to use her medications to kill her. He almost got away with it as the coroner originally ruled her death as natural from heart disease. Later the toxicology report, which the family had to fight to get, revealed the truth: the medications in Michele’s bloodstream had stopped her heart. As time goes on, more horrible truths were uncovered about Martin MacNeill, who was anything but a “good father.”


Four friends went to a bar in Minnesota, the next morning they were dead in a Wisconsin cornfield – Who killed them?

On September 11, 2021 friends Loyace Foreman III, Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, Jasmine Christine Sturm, and Matthew Isiah Pettus went out for a drink at the bar in St. Paul, Minnesota. The next day they were dead in a Wisconsin cornfield. Their killer confessed to his own father by 5 a.m. that morning, but why did he do it?


EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter hates that she still loves him

Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter Deborah Brashers thinks her father was an “evil” man for killing and raping multiple people, but still has love for him because of how he treated her as a father. Because of these conflicting feelings, Deborah suffers from intense guilt over who she thought her father was as a child, and who she came to find out he was.